Hasta la Bye Bye!

Bye ya’ll!!  It was a blast being part of The Debs!  Please visit my website for updates or just to say hello!  www.101WaystoTortureYourHusband.com

When we first took over as the “New Debs,” it felt like the year ahead was an eternity. I was in the middle of moving from South Florida to Manhattan, my entire life was in complete upheaval, and I was shocked (and honored) to be welcomed to The Ball —ALL AT THE SAME TIME.

Before I knew it, I arrived in Manhattan just before Halloween, and the crisp Autumn air felt like an Arctic wind compared to the beastly heat of Miami. I was actually happy to be back in Manhattan again (this time we settled into the charming West Side) after residing on the stuffier East Side several years prior. The West Side welcomed us with open arms and I quickly bonded with several school moms who were suprisingly quite friendly. I have to admit though, that I was absolutely OVERWHELMED. I was still trying to unpack my overstuffed suitcases when I had to start a brand new job, doing a morning show at a Long Island radio station. I almost shed actual tears when I discovered I’d have to wake up at 2:30 in the morning to drive an hour to the station, be on the air for 5 hours, then turn around and drive back to Manhattan in treacherous mid-day traffic. It took me about 2 hours(and many migranes later) to get home on most days, and upon my arrival immediately pick up my son at school. After homework, dinner, and bed-time battles, I would be lucky if I got to bed by 9 or even 10pm. I was a zombie, utterly sleep-deprived with barely enough energy to shower every night —-and then there was THE BLOG. Writing it was hard enough (with a barely functioning brain) but the biggest challenge was actually POSTING my weekly offering and learning all the quirks of the website. Of course we’re all experts now, but oh boy was I a disaster! That’s where my fellow Debs absolutely came to the rescue. Sarah, Joelle, Emily, and Alicia were so gracious and patient with me and my air-brained self. There was the time when my entire blog didn’t post because I messed up the military time display (duh), that was followed by the “all caps blog” due to some mysterious technical glitch, and then there was the blog I literally forgot to post because I was busy on a book tour in Miami! I’ve been the cross to bear for my Deb group, and I am just happy they didn’t hold a council vote and kick me off the island! I was also thrilled to be called an “author” and be among these fantastic professional writers, even though I’m just a radio broadcaster who was lucky enough to land a book deal.

As I write these final lines on this final blog, I’d like to sincerely thank the founding Debs for their genuis, applaud my graduating Deb Class for surviving this roller-coaster year, and warmly welcome the new Debs as they begin their blogging journey. Best of luck ladies..and if you have any techical issues, don’t even THINK of calling me! Ok I’m kidding. Well mostly.

Hasta la bye bye!

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  1. What is it with Debs moving out of South Florida at launch time? I’m right behind you (albeit headed to Colorado).

    Congratulations on a successful year – here’s to the future!

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