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Mia, Kim, Bella, Gianna and Mark

Hi, I’m Kim Stagliano , your Wednesday Deb and author of All I Can Handle I’m No Mother Teresa: A Life Raising Three Daughters with Autism (Skyhorse.) I’ve been a Deb Ball fan for years and am knocked out to be part of the 2011 class. Congrats to my fellow Debs, best wishes to the class of 2010,  and thanks to all of the readers who’ve made this site a success.

My book is a “Kimoir” (memoir makes me feel O-L-D) and sure to make you laugh, even if you have to grab a tissue once or twice while you read. I started writing in 2003 when my husband Mark was out of work. It was cheaper than therapy and healthier than overdoing the cocktail hour, if you know what I mean. Mark and I live in Fairfield County, Connecticut and have three beautiful daughters – who have an autism diagnosis. Mia is 15, Gianna is 14 and Bella is 9. Our lives are anything but typical, never boring (how I long for boredom!) and often upside down and inside out.

One of the first writers I met online was the fabulously funny Jenny Gardiner, 2009 Debutante.  She introduced me to loads of writing sites and blogs including The Debutante Ball, Miss Snark the anonymous literary agent (oh come back, Miss Snark!) and Backspace.

We’re supposed to share a few fun facts about ourselves.  1) I can raise one eyebrow, like John Belushi in Animal House; 2) I tend to look like The Runaway Bride in photographs because I have Cookie Monster sized eyes; 3) I was on QVC twice as a demo model for my husband’s company.  I ironed on a German ironing board and demonstrated a cake box with freezer packs in the base. It’s a lot harder than it looks!

As the autism rates continue to climb to ever frightening heights, there”s scarcely a reader here who doesn’t have a family member or friend facing the challenges of the diagnosis.  My book is a glimpse into day to day life (a la Erma Bombeck) and will help you understand what the diagnosis does to and means for families, and how you can help.  We chose a November 1st debut date so that the book would be available for the holidays.

The opening line of my introduction is, “Oh God, not another book about autism.”  Then I make this promise: You won’t need a Prozac to read it.  See you next Wednesday!

Deb Kim

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  1. Kim! I’m so glad you’re on the Deb train with us, and I can’t wait to read your book. I love your sense of humor and am looking forward to hearing your story.

    I feel like I’m getting closer and closer to celebrity here – first Elise with her California Dreams appearance and now you with the QVC. I am surrounded by fame and glamour.

  2. So excited to read your book! I’ve always wanted to be able to raise one eyebrow, and have compensated by writing one or two characters with that trait 🙂


  3. Kim — ganache all around!

    As a mother of one, I would be in awe of you even if you had three kids NOT with autism. The fact that they all share the diagnosis puts an enormous amount on your plate, and yet you clearly handle it all with great aplomb and a fantastic sense of humor — much more fantastic than Mother Teresa’s, I have no doubt.

    I can’t wait to read your book!

  4. Having checked in on your blog during the past years, I like your “style” and your honest, common sense approach to all challenges, large or small. May your forum here and in “Kimoir” serve to educate as well as offer hope and support.

    And now I NEED to get in touch with your publicist. Please advise!

    WOW, QVC? Really?!

  5. Do you know how easy it is to make ganache? Heat cream to just under boiling, pour over chopped baking chocolate (milk, dark, semisweet) don’t use chips. Use double the chocolate to the cream. So… 1/2 cup cream for 1 cup chopped chocolate. You can also use So Delicious brand coconut milk creamer (available at natural food stores and some grocery stores.) That makes a dairy free ganache. I’ve made truffles with the dairy free version. Not too shabby! More baking Heloise’ish tips soon!

  6. I can’t remember where we met, Kim, but I think it was Miss Snark and I’ve loved you ever since! I am sooo excited that you are dancing with the Debs. One question, I might not need a prozac to enjoy your humorous Kimoir but can I take a xanax just for the hell of it?!?!


  7. you are always surprising me with Kim fun facts–QVC? Who knew??? Did you get the faux manicure for it?
    I’m THRILLED to have you as a sister in the Deb and sooooo excited about your book (um, I haven’t gotten a sneak preview or anything but that’s ok b/c I can upload it to my kindle when it comes out). You know I’m always going 7 directions at once so let me know what I can do to help with the time comes when this puppy is finally pushed through the birth canal!!!
    (oh, and any chance I get to see you when I’m in CT next week?)

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