How My Hidden Talent Brought Me True Love by Deb Lisa Daily

I have a special gift. I remember lines from movies. Not just the classics, like,

This is the start of a beautiful friendship
Cinderella story. Outta nowhere. A former greenskeeper, now, about to become the Masters champion.
You want the moon? Just say the word and I’ll throw a lasso around it and pull it down.
Houston, we have a problem
Here’s looking at you, kid
I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse
Don’t call me Shirley
, or one of my personal favorites
K-k-k-Ken is c-c-coming to k-k-kill me.

But I can also quote back the obscure, the stupid, and the useless as ones well:

I did not achieve this position in life by having some snot-nosed punk leave my cheese out in the wind.
It’s just me and the moron twins. We’re not twins.
I must be crazy to be in a looney bin like this.
I just (aaack) ate a bug.
Who here wants to be an advertising executive? Who here wants to be a fire truck?
I’m a short, fat, slut.
I’m Secretary of State, brought to you by Carl’s Jr.
Today I step into the shoes of a great man, a man by the name of Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho.

Here’s how my hidden talent brought me true love: One night, my girlfriends and I were in a bar/restaurant, and we started playing a movie trivia game with a nearby group of guys. One guy, Tom, and I were on the same team. Just the two of us. Back and forth we went, quote for quote, sometimes answering at the exact same time, so fast, no one from the other teams could get a word in edgewise.

Clearly, I had to marry the guy. I’d found my perfect match.

And on a lovely summer day in San Diego, I gained a groom, a friend, and one hell of a DVD collection.

Deb Lisa

Author: Lisa Daily

Lisa Daily is a real-life TV dating expert on Daytime. She's a syndicated relationships columnist, a popular media guest seen everywhere from MTV to the New York Times, and the author of the bestselling dating advice book, Stop Getting Dumped! : All you need to know to make men fall madly in love with you and marry "The One" in 3 years or less. Visit lisa online at

24 Replies to “How My Hidden Talent Brought Me True Love by Deb Lisa Daily”

  1. Danielle,

    Thanks!! Yep, it’s a classic πŸ™‚


    Thanks πŸ™‚


    Thanks, and yes, you are correct. Useless facts are the way to a man’s heart. And, of course, meat on a stick.


  2. A Fish Called Wanda is one of my favorites. So much good stuff in there. I am the worst with this stuff because I remember all the lines- but then have to smack myself to connect it with the movie title. Tragic affliction really. I’m a huge movie fan and have taken a bunch of film courses. I would love to see behind the scenes one of these days.

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  4. Well, Hot Tuna is better than Rancid Tuna at least (I always equate tuna at the beach with rancid tuna salad sandwiches I guess!). Eileen–I love that movie! But I can never remember any lines in movies. I think this means I’m not destined for a life as a hugely successful screenwriter!

  5. Eileen —

    I’m sure you will. I’ll bet they let the author on set at least ONE day πŸ™‚

    FISH CALLED WANDA has so many great lines — what a classic.

    I agree! It was actually a very fun seafood place, a block away from the beach. Now I can’t stop thinking about food poisoning…


  6. Thanks Larramie! Only when we’re talking about movies πŸ™‚ I’m kidding, we’ve been together a long time, and sometimes we talk in that shorthand, finish-each-other’s-sentences, “you know that guy, with the fish thing?” kind of way that couples who’ve been together a while share.

    But sometimes he says something completely unexpected. And that, I love.

    Great comment, as always!!


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