IN A FIX Launch Week – Deb Joanne’s all about the Dudes

Being the Monday Deb means I am the very lucky person who gets to kick off our Launch Week parties and although it’s bittersweet that here I am, kicking off our last one of our year, I’m still so very excited to be the one to introduce you all to Deb Linda’s IN A FIX (and the first one to host our daily giveaways–see below).

I loved this book. And not just because I love Linda who you already know to be whip-smart and very funny, but because the book is also whip-smart and very funny. IN A FIX is everything you’d expect from our Linda and more.

From my Goodreads review: This book was SO MUCH FUN. I expected a kickass character-I mean, just look at that cover-with the viking helmet and the redhead standing over it? You know you’re going to get something hard core. But what I wasn’t expecting were the hard core laughs. This book, about Ciel, an aura adapter with a serious need to prove herself to the overprotective men in her life, is funny, witty and sexy, with not one, but two (maybe even three) hot guys that vie for her attention. But what I especially loved about Ciel was that she wasn’t a bombshell that you would expect men to drool over-the men in her life were attracted to her, the quirky and tenacious woman who can definitely hold her own in the company of strong men. Several laugh-out-loud moments pepper this action-filled page turner. My only complaint was I know there’s a book two and it can’t come soon enough.

But enough gushing, because we’ve got a whole week to do that. After I read the book, I posed the following question to Linda:

One of the things I loved best about IN A FIX was the great banter between Ciel and her guys AND between the guys themselves. There’s just something so fun about banter between characters and you absolutely nailed the voices and the humor. Did you have to work on the dialogue in these snappy scenes, or do you think it comes naturally to you? Do you think your growing up with brothers helped form your male characters and how they interact with each other?

And Linda’s answer: I’m so glad you enjoyed the smart-assery … er, I mean banter … between my characters. Dialogue is my favorite thing to write, and usually the part of a scene I “hear” first. It’s almost like I’m eavesdropping when they really start going at it. Sometimes I have to type really fast to keep up with them, and then go back and fill in the stage business — what the characters are doing, where they are, what Ciel is thinking, etc.

Growing up with three brothers most definitely helped me with writing my male characters. Between my brothers themselves, and all their friends who liked to hang out at our house, there was no shortage of guys to study. The way they talked and acted infiltrated my brain, almost by osmosis. I became fluent in teasing as a second language at an early age.

But as much as my brothers enjoyed tormenting me, I always knew they loved me. How? Because they beat up anybody else who looked at me cross-eyed. It was okay for them to bring me to tears with remarks about my flat chest, or how I had to run around in the shower to get wet, or how if I swallowed an olive I’d be rushed to the maternity ward (um, yeah, I was super skinny … ah, those were the days!), but if anybody else tried it, watch out, because there would be hell to pay. I think that dynamic–the vacillating between teasing and over-protectiveness–informs Ciel’s relationships with the men in her life.

Thanks so much, Linda! As you know, Deb Mom Marcia blessed me with three brothers, too, so I’m so used to being around boys, that I love books with so much male camaraderie! Thanks again for such a fun book and raising a glass in the first of many toasts to you and IN A FIX!

And now, because it’s launch week (although IN A FIX isn’t officially out until September 4-we’re celebrating a bit early!) and we want to spread some of the IN A FIX love – we’re giving away a signed ARC every day this week (U.S. and Canada. Winners to be announced in this Sunday’s News Flash)! For today, please tell us about a book in which you really enjoyed the male characters.

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  1. And I get to leave the kick-off comment for Deb Linda’s launch week!!

    I too adored IN A FIX (as my post tomorrow will further reveal!) and I love that you asked about the banter, Joanne, because Linda has a true gift for it and the chemistry between all the characters is addictive! Indeed, Linda, you hit the mark with all the characters’ interactions (those romantic AND platonic–and of course those just plain adversarial!). Writing male dialog (especially with one another) can be particularly hard to pull off but you did it flawlessly! I love knowing that your brothers were partly your inspiration. (Do they know this, by the way? πŸ˜‰ )

    Happy Launch week, Deb Sister!!

    1. Aw, man. Between you and Joanne I’m really blushing here. Thank you both! πŸ™‚

      Of course I haven’t told my brothers they helped me–they’d never let me forget it. Might even ask for a percentage. *grin*

  2. Congratulations! Celebrating early means one thing only…the party lasts that much longer! Looking forward to getting my 2013 Deb hands on this book!

    1. You’ll love it, Amy – it’s so much fun. The word ‘romp'(right there in Diana Gabaldon’s blurb) fits it perfectly.

    2. Thanks, Amy! I hope you’ll enjoy it.

      I can’t believe it’s almost time to pass the tiaras and gloves on to a new class of Debs. *sobs* It makes it easier knowing what a great group of writers we’re handing over the dance floor to. πŸ™‚

  3. Congratulations, Linda! Hmm, in terms of books where I enjoyed the male characters, name pretty much any Jonathan Tropper book, and I’m bound to love at least one of the male characters. Ditto Nick Horby. I also loved Brady in Caprice Crane’s STUPID AND CONTAGIOUS and Dexter in ONE DAY (can you tell I like rom coms?).

    1. ooohhh. I haven’t read any of these! I love romcoms. I love the brotherly banter in Julia Quinn’s Bridgerton (Historical romance) books, too. That’s what makes those books stand out for sure.

  4. I won an ARC back awhile ago and so have been uber lucky and have already read IN A FIX. You all are going to love it – so much fun. And when you encounter Boner Benjamin, you are going to *know* for sure that Deb Linda understands the brain of the teen-age male. So much fun!

  5. I can’t believe your launch is (almost) here! I’ve loved this book for a long, long time and can’t wait to get my hands on it! Congrats, Linda – your book deserves all this glory and excitement – and so do you!

    Can hardly wait for book two!

  6. Oh my we are coming to the end of 2012 Debs, (what is a Bubby Marcia Deb to do).

    Linda, your book sounds so so so good, J has ordered it for my Kindle and I can not wait for Sept. 4th to come so I can click download and read what sounds to be a great winner.

    Today is hard for me to comment (do you think) but I will anyway, so between you and J with three older brothers it is a wonder your material for writing comes so naturally (we won’t go into to many stories, would not want to give away to many secrets right)and even though they will take credit (huh) I don’t think so, you are all talented all by yourself, brothers just make it, well shall we say interesting.

    Linda, it is going to be a great launch week for you, I can’t wait to hear all about it from those who have read your book already.

    Have a wonderful launch and a great week.

    1. Thanks, Deb Mom Marcia!

      My mom always said the boys were the hardest to raise when we were little, but when I got to be a teenager, all bets were off. (Honestly, I don’t know what she could possibly mean by that… *grin*)

  7. Oh yeh I do, (take to long to explain on the site right!!!!!!!).

    Keep smiling and keep those books a comin (great english ah, that’s Canadian ah!!)

  8. Let the party begin! Yes, the dialogue in “In a Fix” is spot on. It’s natural, sucks you in like a brand new Dyson, and makes you laugh out loud. (Um, yeah, I kinda love the book.) Matter of fact, I pimped it on my blog today, too. Didn’t realize the main party would be starting here today, though. I’ll go grab the champagne.

  9. I am so excited to get my hands on In A Fix…everyone is raving about it and since Linda is rave-worthy herself, I know her book(s) must be great.

    As far as guys, well I have to admit to enjoying how JR Ward develops her hot men in the Brotherhood of the Black Dagger, et al. *blush*

    1. Oh yes. How could I have neglected to mention the BDB guys. I could write a post just on them. You will love IN A FIX, Kristina!

    2. Okay, now I HAVE to get my hands on these BDB books. If y’all are whispering, it sounds like they might be my cup of tea. πŸ˜‰

  10. As bad as I always feel about not knowing, I’m always (kind of) glad that I’m now surprised with something new to read. Through this site I have been so pleased with all the insight and suggestions, and I’m yet to be disappointed!
    To answer the question, there are several books, in which I have loved the male characters. To name just a couple… Laurell K. Hamilton and Charlaine Harris is a blast with, sometimes naughty, male banter and although Eleanor Brown’s “Weird Sisters” doesn’t lend a lot of “guy” banter amongst themselves, I loved the balance between dad and the girls. Ok, who am I kidding, I can’t choose specifically, but I would love to get the chance to read Linda’s “In A Fix!”

  11. I have so many it will be hard to pick just one. I haven’t read your book yet, so I’ll pick what fI’m reading now. The “Evil” series by Vickie Mckeehan. The guys in that are just “way cool”. lol

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