In which Deb Kristina is last, but not least

liarscoverthumbnailSo, my book debuts tomorrow. In a way, I never thought this day would come, similar to how I felt when I was eight days overdue to deliver my second baby. They tell you the baby can’t graduate from college in there, but delusional with hormones, stress and discomfort, it’s hard to believe you’ll get to the other side.

But, just like I finally managed to get that baby out of there (she’s doing fine out in the world, despite her reluctance to ever leave my womb), Real Life & Liars is out now, too. For those keeping score at home, it’s been sixteen months since it sold at auction, about three years since I first started writing it, and more than six years since I quit my day job to focus on my child and do a little creative writing between freelance assignments.

I’m used to waiting, though.

As a kid, I had a late fall birthday, but thanks to my love of Sesame Street, I was plenty ready for kindergarten at the tender age of four. Academically, this was never a problem for me. Socially, however, it meant that all of my friends were older and jumped all the hurdles ahead of me. They got their driver’s licenses first, for example, and got to date first. And in college, there were several nights I stayed home watching videos because I couldn’t get into the cool bars yet.

I won’t lie, the waiting was hard. I felt like I would never, ever get there (see a pattern?). But maybe this partly explains why I like to savor things. I was the kid at Christmas who took forever to unwrap each gift: shaking it, peeling the paper gradually, then admiring it and playing with its little parts before moving on. I’d have a stack of still-wrapped gifts next to me while everyone else had blown through their unwrapping. But it took a whole year to get to Christmas! Why not enjoy it? Draw it out! Make it last all day!

I don’t know exactly how I’ll spend tomorrow, my launch day. But considering it was six years in the making, I won’t be in any rush for it to end.

Deb Kristina

p.s. Everyone who comments this week will automatically be entered to win a signed copy of REAL LIFE & LIARS as well as a love note from each of the Debs. So comment often to have more chances to win!

p.p.s. Deb reader Larramie announces that The Divining Wand debuts today with a post titled, “Presenting Debutante Kristina Riggle and Real Life & Liars“. Read it here.

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  1. Congratulations! I’m so glad the day is finally here, and readers can finally get their hands on your book. I know they’ve been waiting, too…

  2. Bask and revel! Drive to a bookstore and see your book! If possible, sit and have coffee in the store while your book is in view. “Just over there? See that stack of books? I wrote that. It’s mine.” They will probably let you keep doing this for quite a while before asking you to leave. Enjoy–you’ve earned it!


  3. Congrats, Kristina! This has been a long time in the making (for me, it was seven years from first word to the bookstore shelves), so savor it and enjoy the ride.

  4. Congrats honey. We are very proud of you. One thing that hasn’t changed over the years…you are still the last one opening Christmas presents with a stack beside you. Enjoy your day!!!!!

  5. Thank you Meredith and Mary! I was so honored by that PW review.

    Becky, I was ogling a big poster of my book cover in my local store just yesterday…

    Judy, it sure isn’t a fast process is it? Not for most people, anyway.

    Thanks, Mom. I’m always going to linger over Christmas, you know… 🙂

    Ms. Leightongirl, right back at you.

    Katie, um, obviously we’re all equally wonderful!

  6. Congratulations, Kristina. What an exciting day for you! I’m so glad I got a copy at the Lit Fest. I started it on Friday and I’m already half way through. I can’t wait until I’m celebrating the launch of my first novel. Hopefully, it will be in the near future!


  7. Congrats! I read your interview over on Eileen Cook’s website and I love your post about waiting because while I feel like I’ve been waiting forever for my book to come out too (next summer), I am pretty patient and just enjoy the ride. So many people miss the ride thinking about the destination. Can’t wait to get a hold of your book.

  8. Kristina, may tomorrow be your best “Christmas” as you gift bookstores with your debut. There’s no doubt that readers will savor every page of RL&L!

  9. Sniff, sniff! I can’t believe you all have made your debuts already! And what wonderful debuts they have been! Congratulations on a great year and have FUN with your launch and remember to get some sleep!

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