In Which Deb Kristina Puts the FUN Back in Dysfunction by Deb Eve

Ya gotta love Mira Zielinski – the headstrong and (I thought) hilarious protagonist in REAL LIFE & LIARS. Unless, of course, you’re one of her children. Then maybe you hate her – but you still love her. Y’know how family is. Equal parts love and disdain. Full of love and full of angst. Faith that everything will work out fine and full of dread at all that could go wrong. Clinging to each other even as they are pushing each other away. Just your garden variety dysfunctional family: a safe place to land and a bed of thorns.

Our Deb Kristina certainly seems to know how family is. She’s created a family – and a family drama – that feels absolutely genuine. She doesn’t shy away from airing the family laundry – dirty underpants and all. And, even more amazingly, she tells the story from each member’s point of view. This is no easy feat, and Kristina pulls it off very well.

Pretty much everyone I know (with the glaring exception of St. John) comes from a dysfunctional family. So we can all relate in one way or another to the Zielinski family. That’s nice. But REAL LIFE & LIARS is definitely NOT a dreary retelling of (yet) another family drama. After all, most of us pick up a book to be transported out of our lives and to be entertained. So if REAL LIFE & LIARS were simply the tale of another dysfunctional family, what would be the point of reading it? I could just invite my entire family (and we’re talking the Browns here, AND the Waites) to Thanksgiving next year and watch the fireworks. But Deb Kristina puts the FUN in dysfunction, which is what makes REAL LIFE & LIARS such a delightful read. (And much more fun than I could have with my own family … well, sober anyway.)

So hearty congratulations to Deb Kristina on work well done. And the rest of you, run out and buy your copy today! At the very least, leave a comment for a chance to win your very own signed copy.

~Deb Eve

7 Replies to “In Which Deb Kristina Puts the FUN Back in Dysfunction by Deb Eve”

  1. “Putting the fun in dysfunction”–I think you can use that Kristina! I agree, Eve, Kristina pulls off the whole family drama really well and it is a great read.

  2. Something tells me a reality special featuring the Browns and Waites would dominate the ratings… of certain channels, anyway! 😉

    Hope you’ve had a wonderful launch week, Kristina!

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