J’aime Lire En Paris: Deb Kim

Oh, yes, I love to read in Paris. In fact, it’s one of the only places I choose to read at all!  The cafe’s, L’Arc de Triomphe and Eiffel tower nearby to amuse me.  It’s glorious. And don’t forget the soft pillow, digital clock at my side and three sleeping children down the hall.

I read in bed. And my bedclothes are a gorgeous (no longer available) pattern from Garnet Hill called Paris Percale .

My husband Mark gave me an I.O.U for my 40th birthday, “Good for One Trip To Paris.He was out of work that December and we were about to descend into our real financial struggles. Well, 40 has come and gone and gone and gone and gone and gone and gone and gone (got it?) and there’s no Air France ticket in sight. We can’t possibly leave the girls with someone/anyone (is Freddie Kruegger available I really want to go to Paris!) and travel across the world. At least I can’t. Too much room for error with the kids  and I’d never relax and enjoy myself.  I know myself. I could go alone or with a friend if Mark would stay with the girls. But that’s not exactly the romantic trip to Paris I’d imagined. (Although I suppose that depends on who is the “friend” I take!)  Epcot France or some hotel in Vegas will have to do.

My bed is my haven. I write there. I read there. I luxuriate in the hour or two I have when the girls go to sleep and the quiet is so thick it’s like a layer of creme fraiche.

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  1. Those are great sheets! You WILL get to Paris one day, and the trip will be that much sweeter for the enforced wait. Try to think of the delay as Parisian foreplay. 😉

  2. Reading while traveling is one of the most divine pleasures I can imagine. Before I had my Kindle, I used to stuff my suitcases with a ridiculous amount of books for every trip.

    You’ll get to Paris eventually, I’m sure of it!


    1. Tawna, that’s what convinced my “never getting an e-reader” sister to get a Nook. With bag weight restrictions it’s hard to bring books on flights. I adore my Kindle and I still buy hardcovers and paperbacks. In fact, I buy more books than ever.

      1. Thirded – the e-reader has made traveling a breeze!

        Maybe all the Debs should go babysit together so Kim can have her trip!

  3. You WILL get to Paris one day!!

    And you will eventually get comfortable with the idea of someone else providing care. It will never be as good as your care nor will it even be good enough to make you relax but you will get there.

    In the meantime read/write on!

  4. Yes, hang in there — it’ll happen. In the meantime, dream away in your lovely sheets.

    (Don’t wanna make you feel bad, but the last couple of times I was in Paris it was on business… Not at all romantic! Come visit some European Betties — from Brussels it’s about 1.5 hrs, it’s about 4 hrs from my home here by train. )

    1. … the last couple of times? And you don’t want to make me feel bad? LOL1 Maybe I can do a book event there like Carried Bradshaw did – and no one will know who I am!

      Today I’m off to beautiful Chickopee Massachusetts for an event with NYT best selling author John Robison – it ain’t Paris, but perhaps I’ll nibble a croissant in the car.

      Thanks, everyone.

      1. Yeah…I know. Insensitive. What I meant to say is, it’s not ALWAYS romantic. I had a crappy hotel, the taxi driver was rude, and the meeting was boring. Champs Elysees is nothing but McDonalds, Pizza Hut and Footlockers. Charles deGaulle Airport is a disaster (and not just ’cause the roof caved in about 3 weeks after I flew out of there…Sigh.

        Keep your dreaming! It’ll all happen… It’ll be your “40-and-holding” present!

        NOw, I must admit, I have NEVER been to Chicopee, Mass. So see, you got one on me.


  5. Hello,

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  6. Aaaaaahahahaha! The “correct” spelling was a TYPO on my part!!!! Guess I’m just a natural winner!!!!

    So, now, am I more “insensitive” or more “winner” when I say I will again be in Paris for 3 days??

    ‘Cause I will be. End of June. On business. Not boring this time.

    Will send you a postcard, if you want!

    (You may now whap me upside da haid…)

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