Jolly for Joelle!

For some reason, when I see the cover for Deb Joelle’s dynamic futuristic book “Restoring Harmony,” I immediately think of that store at the mall called “Restoration Hardware.”  I don’t shop there often, but if they charged for browsing, I would certainly be bankrupt.  My eyes glaze over with the astounding array of generally useless (yet incredibly over-priced merchandise) you can easily clutter your home with. I mean honestly folks, does anyone actually NEED Bulgarian Zinc balls to display in their garden? What makes these hunks of clay so darn special at $299.00 a piece?  Do they actually speak Bulgarian?  And if so, how do you say    “rip off” in the complex Slavic dialect?  I’m also perplexed to witness the average shopper plop down $65.00 for (not a set) but a SINGLE bathroom guest towel just because it incorporates some glittery beads and bears a fancy color name like “apple” or “sage.” Oh and don’t you dare refer to it as a common “towel” either — it’s a “textile” thank you very much!  Pardon me, I’m getting a nosebleed from up here. It’s probably a good time to restore some harmony back into my life.  Just say NO to overpriced home goods and stick to free browsing.

Now if there’s anything worth spending your hard-earned Benjamins on I would have to say Joelle’s book is a sure bet.  Yes, it is definitely “YA” material for the tweens and teens of the world, but so is Harry Potter and the last time I checked, my great-grandmother had the hots for Ron and purchased every single book in the series. 

Restoring Harmony takes you on a fanciful journey to the year 2041 riding shotgun with Molly who’s on a life-altering journey with plenty twists and turns to keep even the most discerning reader flipping pages until finally devouring the entire novel.  Whether you buy it for your kids, give it as a gift, or read it at the beach this Summer, you won’t be disappointed.  Congrats Joelle!    –Does anyone know how to say that in Bulgarian??

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