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(Gallery/Simon & Schuster, August 2018)

When she’s not working or picking stray Legos off the carpet, Julie Clark is busy reading and calling it “research”.  Her writing has won Honorable Mention accolades from Glimmer Train, and has been selected as a finalist in the Pitch Wars contest. She lives in Santa Monica, California, where she teaches and writes full time. Her debut, THE ONES WE CHOOSE, will be published by Gallery/Simon & Schuster in August 2018.

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THE ONES WE CHOOSE weaves the science of genetics with the story of a mother desperate to help her son find his place in the world.

Geneticist Paige Robson knows a lot about bad fathers. Abandoned by her own when she was young, she’s grown up to pull apart the science of his choice – discovering a gene that explains why some men stay while others leave. When she decides to conceive her own child, she plays it safe and uses an anonymous sperm donor rather than risk loving a man who might leave her.

Now, nine years later, Paige loves Liam, a man with a big heart and a steadiness that makes her want to build a family of three with him. But her son, Miles, is struggling. Desperate to know his biological father, Miles rejects Liam, viewing him as nothing more than a stand-in for the real thing.

When Miles’s donor lands in their lives, unexpected and unannounced, Paige is shocked to discover he’s already connected to them in ways she couldn’t anticipate. Revealing who this man is would do more harm than good, so Paige says nothing, letting her son live alongside the father he’s always craved – even if she’s the only one who knows the truth. But when tragedy strikes and Miles’s biological father is taken from them as quickly as he arrived, Paige must face the consequences of a secret only she knows, and the repercussions if she shares it…and if she doesn’t.