Just call me Slacker Deb

If you’re a regular reader of The Debutante Ball, you probably have noticed that by the time you wake up (unless you get up really, really early), the guest post on Saturday is already up. I suppose it’s too much to hope that all of you slept in today. I’m guessing you’re probably wondering what happened to our guest today. Well, I’m here to confess that I think I was supposed to be in charge of the guest post. Today, I am not Deb Joelle, but Slacker Deb.

However, all is not lost! Twitter is the saviour of slackers (that’s where we all are, after all). I just tweeted this question and in seconds, the answers will pour in.

Debut Authors, what one thing do you know now that you wish you knew before your book came out?

Okay…ten minutes later…no answers. Yeah. All the writers are either enjoying their long weekend or writing (which is technically what I’m supposed to be doing right this minute). So…ummm..can I take a raincheck? Am I fired? Do I have to give up my tiara?

I’ll tell you what I wish I knew before my book was released that I know now. Make sure that marketing doesn’t take over your life because once your book is out, there’s not really much to do. It can be a big letdown. Keep writing before your big debut, even if it’s just a little bit and for fun. It will be easier to pick it up again after the big release.

Since my Twitter buddies didn’t come through, why don’t you give us your best advice or the thing you learned after publication that you wish you knew before. And have a great weekend!

But wait! These tips just in from Twitter users:

vickidelany Aim for the top. There is no ladder in the pub. business, only a slide. You have only one first book.

LiseFalkenberg You’re only as good as your last book and you’re still on your own. That’s what I’ve learned after 12 books published 🙂

LadyHawkins That it’s OKAY to check Goodreads 10 times a day, b/c once the book is out, that stops almost IMMEDIATELY!

LadyHawkins Oh, and that book blogs are fabulous and lovely, but maybe don’t stress out over them so much.


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