Just leave Britney alone by Deb Eileen

I think of myself as a laid back person. This approach to life comes in part because of my day job. I work as a counsellor for people who have had catastrophic injuries and illness. It’s hard to complain about things like lip gloss that is too sticky when someone starts telling you about how they are dealing with burns, paraplegia or brain cancer (even though my hair gets stuck in the lip gloss and then I find it in my mouth and it really bugs me- who wants to floss with human hair? not me.)

However, since the topic is pet peeves I started to think of all the things that bug me. It then occurred to me that I’m not nearly as laid back as I thought. It turns out I am a seething mass of annoyances once I start thinking about it. Things that bug me, in no particular order:

– People who drive giant SUVs and park in small car spots. If you are driving anything that has a home entertainment system in the back, sits more than four people or is capable of transporting a sofa- YOU HAVE A LARGE CAR. Go park in the back.

– When there is a long line at Starbucks and the person waits until they get to the front to start thinking about what they want to order. What were they thinking about when they were in line? hmmm?

– People who ask stupid questions- and yes, there are stupid questions. For example- if I am holding a stapler and using it to staple documents don’t ask “are you using that?” or asking the person at WalMart wearing the blue vest with the stupid buttons all over it and a name tag if they work there.

– People who bring stinky items for lunch at work (yes you fish left over people- I’m talking to you) and then use the microwave to heat them up subjecting the rest of us to yesterday fish smell for the rest of the day.

– Telemarketers who manage to call when something really good is on TV.

– Dr. Phil showing up to “help” Britney Spears. Just leave her alone- the girl needs real help, not a talk show host.

Whew, I feel better. Get it off your chest- what bugs you?

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  1. Oh Eileen, these are all very valid pet peeves. The stinky food at work one really gets me (there’s a guy in the cubicle behind me who gets KFC and sucks every molecule of chicken off the bones, so I get a nasty twofer – smell and sound. You have also reminded me of one more that I must get off my chest. People who use the ATM for ALL of their banking, including paying 132 household bills, transferring money to their overseas account, depositing checks: one. at. a. time. Then they use the machine to update their book (which of course, they haven’t done in a month) and THEN, when they are finally done with their transactions, they stand AT the machine to read their updated book. Come on, you know there are 18 people behind you, couldn’t you just step to the side to look at your statement? If something doesn’t jive, it’s not like the ATM can answer your questions, anyway – GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE.

    And then, when they finally turn to leave the heady embrace of the ATM, they look at the next person in line as though they never knew there was a line and sheepishly say, “oh, sorry…tee hee”.

  2. My hubby gets asked if he works there
    in every store he shops in
    which, I figure, is why he doesn’t go shopping often.

    And if people assume that he works there
    and ask him to do something,
    being well trained by me, he does it.

    So PLEASE ask the person if they work there
    or I’ll never see my husband again.

    Funny (and long) side story…

    When we go on cruises,
    the hubby is usually one of the few young, non-white people
    so everyone assumes that he works on the ship.

    Once he was asked to take a bag to a cabin
    (well this has happened more than once).
    He wasn’t too sad about that because the lady was a good tipper
    (my hubby may be a senior sales guy but give him a crisp dollar bill and he’s happy).
    However, later on in the cruise,
    we were eating in the dining room
    and the lady stage whispered to her friend
    “Isn’t it nice” (said with sarcasm) “how they let the staff eat here?”

    I almost spit up my soup.

  3. dr phil reinforces people’s idea that all texans are noodles. while that may, or may not, be the case, we sure the hell don’t need any reinforcements from him. dagnabit….

  4. What stuns me, rather than bugs me, is that I’ve just read that the AP has written Britney’s Obit. I know this is done as “high-profile” and influential people age, but to write her off… The media made her and will break her. Ah, that’s it — the media bugs me!

  5. I am shocked by Kimber’s husband’s experiences, and by the fact that the media has written Britney’s obituary!!!! Good LORD …

    I am at a loss to think of things that bug me, because I’m still fixating on those two facts.

  6. Pet Peeves…Do you really want to get me started?

    People who go 35 mph getting “ON” the freeway.

    People who think just because I’m young I like to model my new clothes for them.

    Annoying family members. ‘Nuff said.

    People who slow up traffic because they are chatting away on their cell phone. If they want to die that’s fine with me, just don’t hold up traffic.

    People who ask for an honest opinion then ask you 50 questions most of them being, “Really? You’re just no saying that?”

    Okay, I’m done, because I can go on. Really.

  7. JessR, don’t worry about my hubby.
    He thinks its hilarious.
    If it wasn’t messing with the regular cruise staff’s wages,
    he’d carry bags the entire first day.

    Plus it has went the other way.

    His parents go to buy a carpet from a hoity toity store.

    There is no one around
    except an elderly gentleman pecking things into the computer
    so they ask him for help.
    No problem.
    He takes them from carpet to carpet,
    rolling them out,
    carting the carpets around,
    getting more from the back room,
    asking my in-laws questions.

    Finally they get one MIL likes
    but unfortunately it is out of their price range
    so they haggle.
    When my FIL threatens to call the manager
    the salesguy would relent and try a different tactic.
    They decide on a price.
    MIL is worried because the discount was large
    so when she gets to the register (three hours later),
    she verbalizes her worries.

    The cashier waves his hand, grins
    and says
    “Oh, it’ll be alright.
    That’s the owner.”


  8. You mentioned the people that work at Walmart – – well, I seem to always experience the opposite!

    I have people walk up to me in Walmart, KMart, etc., asking me where things are located,and when I give them a really blank look, they say, “Oh, I thought you worked here . . . ???”


    I mean, I’m walking around the store, with my jacket on, carrying my purse, and pushing a cart, for heaven’s sake!


    You’re right – – I really DO feel better now! 🙂

  9. Ahhh Britney, how good you looked in a schoolgirl outfit….

    All media circus aside, I feel sorry for her. She got famous at a very young age and now she’s just simply messed up. No matter how much money she has, she’s a young 20 something that is messed up in head with apparently nobody to trust or to turn to. I find that sad.

  10. Kimber — I just snorted milk out my nose over that one.

    Eileen – Great post. I am am sad to confess that I drive one of the giant cars (okay, fine SUV) that seats 37, has cup holders for 40, and sports an entertainment system (and its own atmosphere.)

    I have little kids (why else would anyone drive one?) so I park in the front Otherwise, I’d have to carry the kids, plus all their accompanying crap, all the way to the door…

    The good news is, I live in Florida, where a Lincoln Town car is considered a compact economy car, so the parking spaces are conveniently huge.

    And I promise, I’d never wedge my car into a real compact car space. I figure, if I have to crawl out the sunroof, I should probably find another space.


  11. I so share all your pet peeves. Dr. Phil makes me crazy. I mean, is he even qualified to offer his so-called counseling? Someone getting rich out of other people’s misery makes me very, very angry. (Or jealous. Not sure which. Kidding…)

  12. Good pet peeves – I agree with all of them! I would also like to add inconsiderate drivers to my pet peeves. I never honk, and I don’t get road rage (I believe that just because somebody else is being a jerk doesn’t mean I should be a jerk as well) but it can be very annoying when obnoxious drivers do things like parking somewhere where they block everyone else, not turning when it is their turn, people who don’t look when they are backing up, and people who are constantly switching lanes.

    Hope all you ladies are having a great weekend!

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