La Meme Chose by Deb Tish

I’ve been tagged with a meme by the inimitable Ellen Meister. There are, apparently, stern meme rules, at least one of which I plan to break:

1. We have to post these rules before we give you the facts. (Done)
2. Players start with eight random facts/habits about themselves. (Done)
3. People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules. (Done. You’re impressed so far, aren’t you?)
4. At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names. (I hope I know 8 people is all I’m saying)
5. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog. (I’ll try, if they haven’t already spam-blocked me)


Random Tish Facts and Nasty Habits:

1. I was born with a birthmark on my arm the shape and color of an elongated kidney bean-we’re talking 3 inches in length. When the heartless kids at summer camp teased me, I told them I lived in Africa and only owned one sweater–a pink shetland wool crew neck with a hole in one arm. No one teased me again. Nor did they question my choice of wool in such a cruel clime.

2. In college, I took blood to support myself. I practiced first on oranges, then on the company drivers, who were told to come into my “office,” as I needed to speak with them. I eventually became so good at it I took blood from someone’s foot after everyone in the lab failed to get a vein.

3. During the Aids epidemic in the 80s, I accidentally stabbed myself with a needle I’d just pulled out of a patient’s arm. I checked with said patient’s doctor, the patient was healthy. When it happened a second time, I quit the business and taught aerobics until I graduated. Venipuncture is not for the slippery of finger.

4. My parents almost named me Elsbeth.

5. I used to attend an all-French school. Even gym was in French. When I hit Junior High and had to take Geography in English for the first time, I was lost.

6. I used to believe I was the only real human on Earth. That the rest of you were robots. If you are, do me a favor. Don’t tell me.

7. I can find a four-leaf clover in any clover patch and have had this skill since I was about nine.

8. Somebody once hired me to paint a renaissance dusk sky with swallows on the ceiling of their closet. It was quite a closet. On their son’s bathroom walls, I mimicked the glass tile in his shower by inventing a translucent, seven-layered plastering technique using clear Venetian plaster topcoat mixed with iridescent aqua, blue and green mica powders and trowelling them onto the walls in layers. The effect was a glass-like plaster you could see through. The fact that the boy could then pee on the walls–should he be so inclined–without destroying them was an added bonus.

I tag:

Robin Grantham


Claire Cameron

Readers of this blog–leave 8 quick facts about yourself in the comments trail

And (at the risk of hijacking the Deb Ball) any of the Debs who wish to participate

9 Replies to “La Meme Chose by Deb Tish”

  1. These are great, Tish! I especially love the creative birthmark lie. The beginning of your life as a fiction writer, I think.

    Thanks for playing … and I have to admit that you gave me a start there for a minute as I wondered, “Who the hell is Deb Tish?”


    P.S. Can you teach me how to find a four-leaf clover? In all my (cough-cough) years on this planet, I have NEVER ONCE found a four-leaf clover.

  2. Thanks, Ellen! And thanks for tagging me–it made my post much easier this week. I’ve actually never been tagged before and had developed a complex. Forget spongeworthy, I wanted to be meme-worthy.

    Next time I’m in New York, meet me in the park and I’ll show you how. I guarantee you’ll find one. And if you don’t I’ll find one for you. And if I don’t, we’ll go for martinis.

  3. Thank you for the tag, Tish, I think… Like you, I’ve never been tagged before but know that many do wonder about me. So the 8 meme’s will be posted tomorrow BUT where in the world do I come up with 8 others to tag? Talk about a challenge!

    Also, when is your next visit to NYC? I’d love to learn how to find those four-leaf clovers.

  4. I was going to finish the meme before I posted over here, but as it turns out, I’m painfully slow. The slowness factor is also why I never try to find four-leaf clovers. I’d be stuck in Central Park for years. Some robot.

    I wish I were a robot; I could use some more RAM. Ahem.

    Larramie ~ I was thinking of tagging, say, Al Gore or Hilary Clinton. Don’t they all have blogs now? Maybe folks like that are sitting around their mansions right now going, “Why doesn’t anyone ever tag me for one of those memes?” :~)

    Or not.

    Thanks for the tag, Tish. I’ll have it up soon.

  5. I loved these, Tish! I do feel like I know you better. I have 3 birthmarks (if you don’t count my 27,629 freackles as birthmarks). I’ll never tell the location of one, but one is just above my knee toward the inside of my thigh, and the other one is high on my left hip. I got teased, too…but only by girls 😀 Apparently those birthmarks are a little sexy, so I say whenever you want to flirt, just flash them your arm. Gets ’em every time.

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