Last but Definitely not Least by Deb Jenny

With the rest of us having gone through the range of emotions and experiences that launching a debut novel entails, it almost feels as if Gail is the baby in the family, since her memoir, Cancer is a Bitch is the last to come out. But of course last is certainly not least, and Gail’s memoir is sure to be a runaway bestseller, not only because the subject is something by which most everyone has been touched in some way, but also because Gail’s such a talented writer and her writing is always so very compelling.

But the nice thing about Gail’s book coming last is that by now we’ve all gotten to know each other pretty well. In fact on a couple of occasions we’ve actually been in the same city at the same time! And I had such a great time with Gail this summer in New York and got to see her on so many levels—both as a smart, savvy author, but also as a fun, sorta nutty woman who’s a lot of fun to have drinks with!

I always looked forward to reading Gail’s Monday morning posts, because of her eloquent prose and insightful way of seeing things. Hers is the sort of writing that challenges me to step up my own writing and challenge myself.

Gail’s lovely memoir might have the dreaded “C” word as it’s subject, but it has at it’s heart so much more than that. It’s a beautifully-crafted exploration of life and loss and recovery, and all that encompasses.

Best of luck as you book launches into the stratosphere, Gail! We’re with you all the way!


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12 Replies to “Last but Definitely not Least by Deb Jenny”

  1. Jenny!! You’re making me cry here in San Francisco!! Thank you.I loved meeting you and sharing this experience with you. ANd i also feel like the baby (even though I am the oldest… shh… don’t tell anyone). Maybe I’ll see you in NYC next week??

  2. OMG – it’s my two Deb mentors together in one morning! It’s like Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. together. Or Ralph Waldo Emerson and Erma Bombeck! I so adore the two of you (BUT NOT IN A STALKER-ISH WAY!) and am so thrilled to have you both in my life and in the literary stratosphere. I’ll be watching both of you (again, not in a stalker-ish way) as I spread my wings and pick the gravel out of my beak!

  3. LOL Eve–you are so funny! And Gail–at first I thought you were up realllly early in San Fran but see you sneaked a peek last night! Hope San Fran is a blast and i’ll keep you posted on Manhattan!

  4. I am up early SF. Woke at 5 am and I already ran up one of those cliff-like hills and and now I’m drinking coffee and waiting for my first live radio show interview soon. Just wanted to do this with all of you so I’m keeping you posted!! An dyes, Kris, high heel black boots (except when I’m running). Also, all, I’m on the Kepler’s bestseller list today. Not sure what that means but it must mean something.. xoxo, g

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