Variations on the Peace Sign, by Deb Eve

I’m a Leo. And I can’t think of anything else to say about that. But I could go on at length about all the signs in the back of my car.

Yeah, really, in the back of my creaky Volvo station wagon, there are no less than half a dozen protest signs in there at all times. Y’know, just in case. Hey, I live in a very liberal and politically engaged community and what with the war and all, you just never know when a spontaneous protest is going to erupt. And well, a girl ought to be prepared!

So what’s my sign? Well, let’s see, back there I’ve got the general “Moms for Peace” and the tried but true “Stop the War.” I’ve also got a lovely, blown-up and laminated family portrait surrounded by the words “Another Family For Peace” (which still makes my children cringe whenever I wear it around town. Or around Chicago . . . which I actually did . . . for an ENTIRE MONTH . . . but that’s another story). But I always enjoy a bit of humor in a political statement, so I also have “What part of Stop The War don’t they get?” – which I made after the big changes ushered in by the mid-term election failed to usher in any big changes. Then I’ve got the holiday-themed “When Jesus said ‘Love thy enemy’ he probably meant don’t kill them. Merry Christmas.” Oh, there’s also the soon-to-be retired “All We Are Saying . . . is Give Impeachment A Chance!”

An then, of course, there’s “Lesbians for Eve.”

My friend – who is a lesbian and has a wicked sense of humor – got so riled up watching me lead an anti-war rally one day, that she took my “Stop The War” sign and penned “Lesbians for Eve” on the back and led her own impromptu rally. (Did I tell you I live in a fun place?) After that demonstration, I tucked my sign back into my car and went on with my life (nothing to see here, citizens). Happened upon another anti-war demonstration a few weeks later. And with my handy-dandy, all purpose, Stop The War sign, I joined the crowd. Made my way to the front of the crowd and held my sign up over my head (because I was really intent on stopping the war this time). Two women came up behind me. Tapped me on the shoulder. Pointed to the backside of my sign, where prominently displayed above my head was “Lesbians for Eve.” And gave me a questioning look . . . or maybe it was a glare.

Yes, I guess I have quite a collection of political signs. But without a doubt, my real sign has always been: The Peace Sign. So, what’s your sign?

A much younger Eve and two friends protesting the FIRST Gulf War!
A much younger Eve and two friends protesting the FIRST Gulf War!

11 Replies to “Variations on the Peace Sign, by Deb Eve”

  1. One of my favorite signs ever was actually a button: it said, “Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did, only backward and in high heels.”

    I also used to wear a “Straight but not Narrow” button! I wish I could find it. It’s probably still pinned to the denim jacket I was wearing at the time.

  2. Oh Eve, how well you would fit into the Bay Area….If you hoisted your “Lesbians for Eve” sign here, people would probably just think you ARE a lesbian who fervently supports the world’s first woman. Peace!

  3. I wonder where Eve gets her prediiction for signs from…oh…or maybe I get mine from her daring do. Signs on my windows…from Stop the War, to the latest Vote Obama/Biden. Car bumperstickers which have slowly moved from the bumper to cover scratches and other odd dents…Vote Obama/Biden, Vote for Change, Love My Country, Fear My Government , Impeach, which covered Fush Bush, orsomething like that that, Outrageous Older Woman (I have a tee shirt too), Goddess, Minds are like parachutes, won’t work unless open, my AAA sticker, a couple of more Vote for Obama circles…are there more, I guess so…I do stand out here in Slower, Lower Delaware…have been keyed…and given the finger, but also got many thumbs up as well. I am still wearing an Obama button on my hat. Just a tiny one. I love signs.

  4. “Lesbians for Eve” cracks me up. Every Friday for the past few years, at an intersection near my house, there’s a demonstration. Subconsciously, I guess I expected them to go away after the election, but they didn’t. I guess everything’s not perfect yet, LOL.

  5. Eve!! This is such a fabulous post!!! I love how free you are to just be you!! That isn’t as easy as it sounds… and your book that I just recently finished is all that and more! xo

  6. Thanks all –

    Can I just say, The Debs (and the Deb Mom) are the greatest! Thanks for all your comments. Sorry I didn’t comment yesterday, but we were in the hospital with Jeremiah (who did great and is resting very comfortably at home now).

    Tiffany, I might just have to move to SF now, bring my Lesbians for Eve sign and start a new movement! I LOVE that idea!

    Kris, I have a pretty good idea where I can get you another Straight But Not Narrow button. Let me work on it.

    Can’t wait to actually meet all of you in person. I’ll bring the signs!!!

  7. I have been lurking and enjoying your mind at work, and now finally posting! I have never had malaria, but if it is the price one pays to be clever, well… mosquitoes, here I am! I myself have never, not a once, had a day that was even vaguely unproductive and enjoy the peek at yours. One cannot expect “on” every day, my amazing friend.
    ok, as St. John knows from my messages on your answering machine, I can go on. love, love S

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