Life, Death and Body Sharing with Guest Blogger Amanda Ashby

Wow, I love balls – well, not that I’ve ever been to a real one before, but I’m sure that if I had, then I would’ve loved it. And besides, tiaras are so totally my color!!!

Anyway, since the Debs have been kind enough to let me loose on this lovely blog I thought I’d talk about my debut novel, You Had Me at Halo, which comes out in August from NAL (note from Deb Mia – it’s also a Featured Pick in the August issue of Romantic Times!). You Had Me at Halo is about a dead girl who gets sent back to earth in the body of her geeky co-worker so that she can sort out her issues before moving up through the higher levels of heaven. Life, death and body sharing. What’s there not to love?

Next, I’d like to just say, EEEK! How can it almost be August? I had plans, people. Lots of plans. For a start, I was going to be slimmer, funnier and a lot braver before my book was released. In fact my plan was to become an Incredibly Fantastic person who would woo all sorts of people into buying and reading my book. Unfortunately, between revisions, moving country and general laziness, I haven’t achieved any of these things and therefore my darling book is going to have to go out into the world with me waving from the sidelines.

However, apart from my failure to be fabulous, the last year has been a pretty exciting time for me. I think the highlights so far have been my cover which I love and adore. I was also completely thrilled to get listed on Amazon. As to why the Amazon thing is so exciting, I’m not quite sure, but none the less I pretty much go on everyday just to say hi to my book (and if Amazon have some sort of tracking system them I’m so busted!!). Oh, and getting to write my acknowledgements was lots of fun, not least because I’ve been writing them in my head long before I ever sold my book. Now, if I only I can find some use for that wildly funny Oscar speech I’ve got lying around somewhere…

Of course there have been some bad bits as well. The waiting has been tough at times – especially since by the time my book comes out it would’ve been almost twenty-two months since I first sold it (and I’m an Aries – a sign not exactly known for patience). But overall the pluses have definitely outnumbered the cons and as August rumbles closer I’m determined to take Mia King’s advice and just enjoy it as much as I can!

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  1. Hehehe – Larramie, and you are so right – the wait has definitely been worth it!!!

    Thanks Lisa K – I’m immediately going to tell my husband this and if he tries to laugh I might just have to knock him on the head with tiara I’ve borrowed for the occasion!!!!

  2. I feel that publication is such an interesting process and the one thing that always helps is to remember that you are not your book and vice versa – it’s only part of you, but doesn’t define you. This would go for things both bad AND good – staying grounded helps make the rollercoaster ride all the more fun. Amanda, YOU HAD ME AT HALO is a GREAT book. Enjoy the ride, but keep remembering who you are …

  3. Congratulations Amanda!! Your hard work has payed off and I hope you have a big celebration planned for August. Enjoy and wishing you much more success!

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