Love the Space You’re In by Deb Mia

We rent. We rent a tidy 3 bedroom, 2 bath house on an acre of land. This house is home to me, my husband, my six year old, my 16 month old. The kids share a room; the third bedroom is our office. It’s maybe 1,100 sq feet.

After a lifetime of travels, I am no longer a fan of putting things in storage. I’ve pared my life down to the basics (and could probably stand to pare down even more) – whatever we need or want needs to fit in this house. We’ve lived in this house for almost three years, and it’s kept us warm, dry, and happy (ok, the pigeons partying on the roof don’t make us happy, that’s a post for another day).

I have a lot of gratitude for this place, this space. It’s served me and my family, as well as our business and our writing, and it helped me realize the kind of home I ultimately want (land land land!). But is this the home we want to stay in forever? Nope. I’ll love it while we’re here, but I’m wanting something different. We’re starting to squirrel away money for a down payment (how soon can I write my next book? And the one after that? And the one after that? And bring on those movie options while you’re at it!) to buy something later this year or next year.

Here’s our dream home: 5 bedroom, 4 bath, with large living spaces totaling at least 3,000 sq feet, on three acres in our town of Waimea. Green, private. And there’s more: I am pining for a second home, a smaller property in the small town of Volcano (yes, in and ON our flowing volcano, Kilauea), one that I can use as a writer’s escape and small weekend getaways with my family, and vacation rental when we’re not using it.

What about you? What’s your living space like? Do you have a dream home on the horizon?

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  1. I’d prefer two homes – because I hate winters. Of course, I could just move to Hawaii and put all that winter white stuff behind me 🙂

    Maybe a place on a lake either here in NH, upstate NY or in Washington State. And a place that’s warm in the winter (but doesn’t get hurricanes… so Florida is out). Arizona?

    The biggest thing, though, is my own office in a sunroom. I work in the basement now. Ugh.

    Really, it’s the little things.

    I’m still wondering about your place on the volcano, though. It’s kind of like building on the San Andreas fault in California. The odds are, you’re going to be fine… but you’re still tempting fate.

  2. I have to say your dream place sounds pretty good! My dream? A huge condo downtown with a balcony (heck make it a roof top garden since we’re dreaming) with a view of the mountains and ocean here in Vancouver. Walking distance to the library, theatre, fresh market and all my favorite haunts. I love the outdoors- but hate to mow it. : )

  3. Your desire to have a second home at “Kilauea, one that I can use as a writer’s escape and small weekend getaways with my family” sounds fascinating as well as somewhat precarious, Mia. Of course you’re used to living amidst possible natural eruptions, but I’ll stay put on terra firma…if that exists. 😉

  4. You know, I don’t know if it’s because I’ve spent half of ever year of my life with snowbirds, but I’m just not interested in having two homes. I have specific things I want in my home, and like you that includes four bedrooms, three baths, and a few acres, but I’m pretty sure thvolcano is out. Beach is in, Gulf of Mexico is definitely in, even a separate little space for an office, even a Ted’s Shed will do provided I can cut a little window in the side…


    “…money and a place of her own…” right?

  5. Having lived in a 500 square foot house for several years, I know all about the desire/need for more space. But it’s funny, now that I live in a big, rambling house, I find myself gravitating towards the cozy little nooks that make the space feel smaller and more enclosed.

    My dream right now is to turn our attic into an office. But first we need a new roof. And our porch is falling in. Then there’s all the painting. The kitchen… the list goes on and on.

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