Lucky, or just good programming??? Things that make ya go hmmmm…

For some odd reason my mom always told me I was born a “lucky” child.

I dunno, maybe she felt that way because after suffering a heart-breaking miscarriage, and trying  for what seemed like an eternity (it was only a year) my parents finally got the second child they so desperately wanted.

According to my mom, I was born smiling, and haven’t stopped since.  Of course, the doctor would probably call it a nasty case of baby gas, but apparently for my mother, that “newborn smile” meant that something about me was different.

Later, when I was a toddler, my mother took me along for a sit-down with an infamous local fortune-teller in the “barrio,” and instead of telling my mom her fortune, the prognosticator became enthralled with the baby in my mother’s arms, told her I was a “blessed child,” and predicted a great deal of success in my future.  That’s all my mom needed –reinforcement of her already delusional notions.   

So basically, luck –whether it truly exists or not— has been with me my whole life.  I get goose bumps thinking of strange events     –which can only be described as luck– that have happened to me.  They are countless, and I do feel “blessed” on many occasions (like landing a book deal with virtual ease while other very talented writers struggle for years to no avail).

Some of my friends have even offered me free trips to Vegas hoping my              so-called luck will bring them “good fortune.”  I’ve been to casinos on many occasions, but guess what —I HATE to gamble!

Now with all this talk about luck, here’s the question I’ve always wondered about:

Is “LUCK” really just “POSITIVE THINKING” in disguise?  Like a self-fulfilling prophecy, if you BELIEVE you are lucky, good things are bound to happen to you, right?  That’s the only way it makes sense to me I guess.  I’d love to hear what you think!

Oh, and good luck out there…  xoxo

6 Replies to “Lucky, or just good programming??? Things that make ya go hmmmm…”

  1. I agree with Kathy – positive thoughts are very powerful in many ways. I’m going to tell my kids they are lucky today!

  2. Hi Maria!

    I think that luck, to me, does equate to positive energy and also, the most important, hard work. I think people confuse others’ luck with their hard work, diligence, and tenacity (often behind the scenes). Love the story about your mom and her lucky daughter, though. Cute! xo, Sarah

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