My Pooch is a Nudist by Deb Danielle Younge-Ullman

fallingunder-12.jpgI was interviewing Meg Tilly the week we talked about pets and missed blogging about my four-year-old cockapoo, Fin. Since Fin is a fairly good sport, I figure I’ll make that faint link to our topic this week and tell you about him. Also, he has had a trying few days and deserves some attention, even if it is cyber-attention.

Two weeks ago we took Fin to the groomers and, not thinking clearly, asked them to cut his hair short. Actually, I was thinking clearly. I was thinking of the balls of ice and snow that get stuck to his shaggy mane every time he goes to the park and the unhappy hour or more it takes for him to thaw and drip off, all the while confined to the kitchen.

Well, they cut him very short, the shortest he’s ever been, and he has been displeased, disgruntled and shivering ever since. Fin likes to be outside and will chase snowballs for hours but is cold without all that hair. And yet he disdains his (quite dashing) faux-shearling jacket and, worse, his (very cute) preppy red sweater. Indoors and outdoors, Fin is a chilly pooch and there seems no way to make him happy.

I feel terrible. I wrap blankets around him and let him sit on my lap while I’m writing. I give him extra treats and today I even took him with me to the hairdresser (where he was still unhappy, even though he’s usually game for any outing). When I put the sweater on him he seems to go into a depression–curls up on the couch with a woeful, reproachful stare and many huffy sighs. If I even think about putting the coat on him, the tail goes down and, again, the woeful countenance cuts me to the core.

It appears that even during this very long, very cold winter, Fin is a nudist. And we must choose between him being cold-but-happy or warm-but-melancholy until his hair grows back or spring comes.

Here are some photos of the poor pup, the first during happier times (summer) and the second from last week. Both photos were taken by our very talented photographer friend, Jing (check her stuff out at who also could not stop him from shivering.



Thanks for reading!

And please send warm vibes in the direction of Toronto. Or just in the direction of one cold, grumpy little dog…the rest of us can wait.

Deb Danielle

12 Replies to “My Pooch is a Nudist by Deb Danielle Younge-Ullman”

  1. LOL–Fin is a good sport, poor fellow. He looks downright mortified in picture #2. Can you blame him? Reminds me of one of my favorite stories when I was little about a dog named Harry whose grandmother knits him a rose sweater and he’s so humiliated wearing it and tries to lose it everywhere but people keep returning it to him, and finally, one day, a bird picks at a snag, pulls the entire sweater apart while flying away, and ultimately weaves a lovely little nest from Harry’s homely sweater 😉 . Here’s hoping Fin gets a birdie friend soon, along with the warm weather that birds usher in!

  2. Oh poor Fin! Although, please tell him I think he looks quite debonair with the new ‘do’. I think he looks very mature and distinguished. Or maybe just pissed.

    Maybe if you give him some Doritos, he’ll perk up.

  3. Poor Fin. Sigh.

    It’s funny how some dogs seriously seem to like putting on clothes and some do not.

    My parents used to have a Yorkie-poodle cross (who looked remarkably like Fin, but a bit smaller) and she hated short haircuts, too.

  4. Jenny: that’s a great story, about the sweater! Fin would be delighted if that happened to any and all clothing. Mind you, he would wear a blanket if he could so I don’t see why a sweater is such a big deal.

    Joanne: Thank you. I told him and he seems slightly mollified by your compliments.

    Cindy: Yes, it could be the collar. Not sure how to make the coat work without it though.

    Maureen: Why didn’t I get one who likes to dress up?! Unfair. Now as far as the haircut goes, in summer he doesn’t mind.

    Eileen: LOL. I’d love to see your pooches in those costumes. We tried a Santa hat on Fin once and it didn’t go over too well.

  5. Larramie, patience is exactly what’s needed! Both the dog and the munchkin (now 2!) seem to have trouble with the concept.

    Good news today though, Fin’s quite happy to cuddle up in my down jacket. Not that he’d WEAR it, but it seems to do the job for couch surfing. Clearly I’m going to have to buy him his own doggy-duvet.

  6. Aw, Fin!! I felt really guilty laughing about his poor predicament. Waiting for too-short haircuts to grow back is agony….but I bet he’ll be okay. 🙂 Daisy’s never had a haircut–she looks like a mop. This is a ‘bone’ of contention in our house. J is for a haircut, and I am not. We shall see what happens this summer…

  7. OMG! Poor Fin! I’m sorry, but he needs to divorce you over this! And then he had to suffer the indignity of going to the hairdressers with you? I hope your cut was kinder than his!

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