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Will the Great Reviews ever end for the Debs?! Let’s hope not! Debutante Tish Cohen’s TOWN HOUSE was reviewed by Kirkus this week, who had this to say: “A constellation of characters whose idiosyncrasies make the family of Little Miss Sunshine look like Ozzie and Harriet.” Folks, if Kirkus likes it, you’re gonna love it!

Debs on Lists! Deb Mia King’s Good Things is #38 on the Barnes & Noble General Fiction Trade list!! And more great things for Good Things: “Entertaining!” The Seattle Times, and “GOOD THINGS is one of those books that you never want to end! Mia King’s stunning in her debut novel!” by Romance Readers Connection (4 ½ stars). Keep it coming, Mia!

atpg-thumb.jpgFriends of the Debs! Killer Year and Murderati leader, mentor, and all around awesome chick and writer J.T. Ellison has passed that milestone of a COVER! It’s gorgeous and creepy and just as good as ALL THE PRETTY GIRLS itself. Congratulations, J.T.!


Debs being treated ever-so-kindly! Debutante Kristy Kiernan and CATCHING GENIUS will be feted on Monday on our own Larramie’s blog, Seize a Daisy! Stop over and say hi, please! 

And folks, there’s more, but frankly, admin is just bone tired! We’ll catch up next Sunday 😀 Have a great week, Debs and readers!

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