News Flash! March 18, 2007

And We Have a Winner! Our Debutante Postcard Contest winner is AMBER from Naperville, Illinois. She’ll receive a goody gift from Deb Jennifer and Barre, Vermont, along with postcards from all the other Debs. Another contest is underway now, so hurry on over to the CONTEST page. Congratulations, Amber!

Debs in the News! Debutante Kristy Kiernan was featured in the Ft. Myers News-Press’s Arts & Entertainment section last Sunday! Check it out here

Debs in the News! Debutante Anna David’s piece, “Love in Other Lifetimes,” which is appearing in the Dutton anthology Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys (May), is running in the “Modern Love” section of The New York Times next Sunday, March 25th!

Friends of the Debs! Gail Konop-Baker has a new Bare-breasted Mama column up at Literary Mama.

Cocktails Anyone? Deb Kristy had a lovely time at Friday’s Good Girls Kill cocktail party in her honor. Do have an afterparty drink with her, won’t you?

A Big Aloha to Idado Falls! Deb Mia is sending a warm aloha to the book club in Idado Falls, Idaho, who just finished reading GOOD THINGS for their monthly book club pick! Mia participated in a phone Q&A with the group, who also used recipes from GOOD THINGS to stay in the spirit of the book. The Idaho Falls club has decided to read the other Deb debuts as well (which we fondly refer to as the Debutante Six Pack). If your book club will be reading one of our debut novels, be sure to contact the author for book club goodies and phone Q&A’s!

3 Replies to “News Flash! March 18, 2007”

  1. Congratulations, Amber! Snail mail doesn’t get any better than hearing from the Debs.

    As usual, Deb Kristy is everywhere. Enjoy your bookstore appearances this week, hope lines wind around the block for you!

    Yikes, how exciting, Anna. Can’t wait for next Sunday and the NYT!

    And way to go, Mia, for paving the way with the book clubs. Perhaps you should be dubbed “Leader of the Six Pack!!! 😉

  2. Thanks guys! I’m so excited that I won =)

    And congrats on all the fabulous press!

    Mia – it’s so cool that you stay in touch with your readers and have phone Q&As with book clubs. A lot of authors don’t do that – and it just makes you that much more awesome!

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