News Flash!

Cyber Debs! Tish Cohen’s new website is LIVE! Do foxtrot on over!

Let’s go to the movies! We’re getting in line to see Town House, because Deb Tish reports that the screenplay, written by Doug Wright, is in, Fox and Scott Free Productions are happy with it, and they are now searching for a director!

Support The Arts! Cover art that is, check out Anna David’s brand-spankin’ new cover for Party Girl!

New Stuff! New links under Favorite Bloggers: check out Maia Caron’s smart, hilarious blog, Larramie’s  tips for a fabulous life at Seize A Daisy, and Brett Battles’ wit and wisdom (not to mention that great smile!) at The Sphere.

Recycling Debs! Deb Kristy Kiernan has revamped her website…again. She swears it’s the last time.

Debs on vacation! Deb Mia King will be out for a couple of weeks. Have a lovely rest, Mia!

11 Replies to “News Flash!”

  1. Congratulations, Tish. And your website…let’s just say I’ll be looking into those Townhouse windows on a regular basis!

    Anna, I second Tish’s “cool” description of your book cover; it’s terrific!

    It’s a cold, snowy December day here, perfect for the holiday season. By early March, though, it will still be cold and snowy so I can’t wait for Kristy’s “Catching Genius” with its Florida beaches!

    And thank you, Debs, so much for the link under Favorite Bloggers. ‘Twas truly an early Christmas surprise! 😀

  2. Ha! 😀 Nope, it’s black, and it’s gorgeous, and I really need something to wear it to! It’s been hanging in my closet for five years…waiting. I don’t NEED the red dress anymore, my power is my own (or something like that!).

  3. Yes, Anna, your new cover is fab. I’ve tried to leave comments on your blog, but keep getting knocked off for some reason. Blogger thinks I’m a stalker. Tish, love your site. Town House sounds like it’ll make a great movie. Kristy, your site looks swish as well. Thanks Debs for calling my blog smart and hilarious. Told my daughter, and she laughed so hard, Starbucks eggnog latte came out of her nose. Nice to have the support. I’ll pay it forward one day!

  4. As a teen I thought diet is only something for losers, but now I’m in my fourties and I realise that I gained some extra pounds myself. So nowadays I’m much more interested in articles/blogs like yours. Just wanted to share.

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