News Flash: April 1, 2012

Congrats to Denise Bogard, winner of a copy of Joseph Schuster’s book The Might Have Been, as well as a signed hard copy of one of the book’s deleted scenes!

From the 2012 Debs…

Deb Erika has been working on the copyedits for her upcoming release THE MERMAID COLLECTOR this week and still thinks that Track Changes are only slightly more intimidating than Quantum Physics.

Deb Linda is thrilled that IN A FIX finally has a cover! Wanna see? (Why yes, since you ask, that is a quote from her writing hero, Diana Gabaldon, on the cover! Can we say “dream come true”?)


Deb Joanne is so excited about Linda’s cover! Wow, loving it. And to follow in the cover them, she’s pleased to announce that SMALL MEDIUM AT LARGE is getting a NEW cover! All will be revealed on Tuesday, April 3 over at Bookish. Come on by and enter the giveaway extravaganza!

Today is Deb Molly’s birthday! She’s celebrating with two of her BFFs, one who drove in from Iowa and one who just got home after three months in Costa Rica!

Past Deb News

Deb Eileen revealed the gorgeous cover for THE ALMOST TRUTH which comes out in December!

Yesterday’s Guest Deb Tawna announced the great news that Turkish rights have been sold for MAKING WAVES and BELIEVE IT OR NOT!

Deb Sarah Jio gave us two clues about her fifth novel (which she’s currently working on) and you can find them here! We’re so intrigued!

Deb Friends

Deb Friend Joshilyn Jackson was at the UCF Book Festival in Orlando this weekend with a wonderful lineup of authors!

Deb Dish — Since it’s April Fools Day, tell us one REALLY foolish thing you did on your road to publication?

Deb Joanne – I totally submitted too soon and didn’t work on my craft enough when I started out. As a clueless newbie, I threw what are now drawer books out there, believing they were good enough to get published and that I had enough ‘natural talent’ to get interest in my books. Yikes. I’m just glad the early ones didn’t find homes (have I ever mentioned that editors are wise folks?).

Deb Erika I might just have to say the submission of my first three manuscripts. Oh, they were bad. HOWEVER, like any of the steps (or, missteps) we take on our publication journeys, you have to go through them to grow–and I’m grateful there isn’t a FB let-me-tag-you-in-your-most-embarrassing-high-school-picture equivalant for bad manuscripts. How awful would that be if we were cruising the web and found someone had posted excerpts from our passed-over manuscripts? Yeah, April Fools is right.

Deb Molly: I think it was a mistake to let my manuscript go out with a title I hated. (It didn’t sell until we re-titled, btw.) I feel like I now have a better understanding of and confidence in my own judgment and limitations — earlier in the process I may have been too willing to give in to my agent’s opinion.

Deb Linda — Just one? Huh. Kind of tough to narrow it down. *grin* Let’s see … nah, I can’t tell you that. I have my pride. How about … um, nope, not that, either. Well, there was the time … uh, sorry. No way. Okay … I got it. In my early e-querying days, I wasn’t aware you should always send a trial run to yourself before you send it to the agent, just to make sure the formatting of the first five pages a lot of agents like you to include in the body of email (no unsolicited attachments!) hasn’t been lost when you copy and paste directly from Word. Because it’s totally embarrassing when you realize it only after you hit send. Trust me on this.

6 Replies to “News Flash: April 1, 2012”

  1. Happy Birthday, Molly!

    Erika, quantum physics I can handle. Track Changes still has me stymied.

    Joanne, I can’t wait until your new covered is revealed to the world!

    Eileen, Tawna, and Sarah — great news from all of you!

    Joshilyn, that festival looks like all kinds of fun.

    Happy April Fool’s Day, everyone. Keep your guard up! 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday, Molly! Cake and ice cream? We are kind of experts on Princess parties here at the house so let me know if you need any extra tiaras…

    Great news to all–but oh, that cover!! I love your heroine already, Linda!

  3. Thanks, Linda – but your cover is today’s big news. So kickass and with that amazing DG blurb right beside me…er…your character…

    And Eileen’s cover is awesome, too – so much cover lovin’!

    Happy Birthday, Molly! And yay on all the rest of the awesome news!

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