News Flash, April 18

Deb Sarah is thrilled to announce she has a new, two-book deal with editor Greer Hendricks at Atria Books/Washington Square Press, an imprint of Simon&Schuster. Sarah’s second book, working title FROM THE HEART, is the story of 32-year-old Julia Dunhill, who wakes up one morning to discover her husband has changed into a completely different person because of an extraordinary experience. Julia, who also sees pieces of her life in the world’s great operas, has three weeks to decide if she should stay with her husband – or leave him. Pub dates are Spring 2011 and Spring 2012.

Congratulations to Founding Deb Anna David, who announces the April 13th release of the anthology REALITY MATTERS: 19 WRITERS COME CLEAN ABOUT THE SHOWS WE CAN’T STOP WATCHING (It Books), which she edited. Whether it’s Project Runway, Survivor, Big Brother or Jersey Shore, TV viewers all over the world have fallen prey to the guilty pleasure that is reality TV. Celebrating today’s most ubiquitous form of entertainment, REALITY MATTERS is a hilarious and surprisingly insightful collection of essays that examine why this genre has such a hold on our society today. Neal Pollack writes about Married by America and his fascination with unstable women; Stacey Grenrock Woods writes about surviving a recession in the era of the Real Housewives; and much more.

Anna invites all Deb Ball readers to the release party April 26th at Les Deux in Hollywood, California, complete with reality stars and anthology contributors. RSVP here: And here’s a link to more info about the book:

Congrats to Greg Gutierrez and Angie D., who each won a copy of THE SUMMER WE FELL APART by Robin Antalek. Thank you to Greg, Angie, and all who commented on Robin’s guest post last Saturday. For more information about Robin and her work, check out

Deb Joelle is celebrating her birthday today with a list of things she’s grateful for. Drop by and add to her list and you’ll be entered to win a surprise gifty!