News Flash: August 14, 2011

Congrats to Amanda Foor who won Allison Winn Scotch’s “All I Want.”

From the 2011 Debs…

Deb Eleanor is happy that the UK is embracing The Weird Sistersjust look at this gorgeous review in Heat magazine!

Deb Kim is hoping a new post is about to appear on TodayMoms the MSNBC blog, I’ll link it up if it does!

Deb Tawna kicked off the week with her very first book signing at Barnes & Noble in Bend, Oregon. She considered it a success when no one threw rotten tomatoes and a number of people unrelated to her actually showed up. She ended the week celebrating her 37th birthday on a camping trip where she watched a meteor shower and drank gin by a campfire. It did not suck.

Past Deb News

Congrats to past Deb Kristina Riggle –  Things We Didn’t Say will be published in Brazil!

Hurray for past Deb Sarah Pekkanen, who just signed a three-book deal with Atria Books!

Friends of the Debs

Loved seeing special guest, blogger Emily Sandford, aka Skinny Emmie, in the Lexington Herald-Leader this week!

And, hey, speaking of Brazil, congratulations to Erin Blakemore and The Heroine’s Bookshelf! Erin just announced that the Brazilian rights have been sold!

Deb Dish — If They Could, What if Anything Would the Debs Have Done Differently in Their Debut Year?

Deb Elise

I like Eleanor’s answer.  A lot.  Beyond that, I don’t know… I have to admit I still feel like I’m in the middle of the debut whirlwind, so it’s tough to say.

Deb Eleanor

I would have spent more time on my private Caribbean island with Colin Firth and Ben Affleck, who conveniently travel with lots of suntan lotion and no shirts.

Deb Kim

I must say that my debut year (or ten months since last Nov) has been exactly what I’d hoped for when writing the book. I had many TV interviews, got some great press, no one beat me up too badly for the controversies in autism, Amazon reviews have been very uplifting and my publisher Shykorse continues to grow and expand, and offer me excellent support.  If I had to find something to kvetch about, it would be not having the financial resources to travel more for events.

Deb Sarah

Giggling about what Deb Eleanor wrote. But really, I wish I could have traveled to some events in California, but I just couldn’t with the baby. Oh well!

Deb Tawna

More wine. Definitely more wine. Isn’t that the solution to pretty much everything?

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  1. Thanks for the shout out- so happy to be a friend of the Deb’s!

    Happy birthday Tawna! And Eleanor, I am going to invite myself to that Caribbean island, although you can have Ben all to yourself – his new Bieber-do gives me the willies.

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