News Flash: August 7, 2011

Congrats to Julie M who won Elizabeth Stuckey-French’s The Revenge of the Radioactive Lady.

From the 2011 Debs…

Deb Eleanor is so excited that The Weird Sisters is now available in the UK, and check out this lovely compliment from the Daily Mail! Happy reading to my friends across the pond!

Deb Sarah’s The Violets of March debuted in Germany! And she was featured in a German magazine! She feels very fancy. Check out the pretty German cover. Next up: Spain.

Deb Kim is gearing up for her paperback release on 10/1. I’ve added new content, including the shocking conclusion to Bella’s abuse story and, on a lighter note, several GFCF recipes!  I’ll be touring again this Fall, if you have an event where you’d like me to speak  let me know!

Deb Tawna has her very first book signing event today at the Barnes & Noble in Bend, Oregon. She is strongly considering wearing her pirate costume.

Deb Elise is late to the party because she had her first book signing yesterday at Vroman’s Pasadena.  It was crazy-fun and many delicious baked goods were inhaled thanks to Schmertys Gourmet Cookies!

Past Deb News

Deb Kristina Riggle‘s Things We Didn’t Say got a gorgeous review in Shelf Awareness!

If you are not reading Deb Katie Alender‘s “4 Minutes/4 Questions” series on her blog, you are missing out (especially because she did one with Deb Elise Allen!).

Deb Tiffany Baker just got the ARCs of her next book, The Gilly Salt Sisters! It will be out in March, but you can sneak a peek at Deb Eleanor’s blurb for the book on the Amazon page!

Friends of the Debs

Congratulations to upcoming Deb Guest Amanda Kyle Williams on her starred review in Publisher’s Weekly for The Stranger You Seek!

We’re happy that past Deb guest Siobhan Fallon‘s You Know When the Men Are Gone got a shout-out in the September issue of O Magazine!

Deb Dish — Now That We’re Winding Down… What Has Been the Debs’ Biggest Surprise in Their Debut Year?

Deb Elise

The biggest surprise was finding so many friends among fellow authors and readers.  Before this time last year, I knew nothing of book blogging, and authors were distant wonders.  I feel like I pulled back a curtain (a social networking curtain, really) to find an ocean of incredible, open, welcoming people, and it has been an unbelievable pleasure to join the party.

Deb Eleanor

Hitting the Indie, New York Times, Publishers Weekly, Washington Post, and an incredible number of other bestseller lists. You really could have knocked me over with a proverbial feather. Before The Weird Sisters was published, I always said to my editor, “Two people are going to buy this book: your mom, and my mom.” I’m happy (and grateful) I was wrong!

Deb Kim

The feedback from parents around the world thanking me for making them feel less alone and for speaking out on their behalf. It’s what I had hoped for — but I wasn’t sure what the response would be to the book. I am overwhelmed by the feeling of helping readers. The emails that come in every day are the best reward I could ever have asked for from publishing. Thank you to everyone who bought or borrowed the book in this crummy economy especially.  Love, KIM

Deb Sarah

Surprises? There were sooooo many! It felt like I was on a roller-coaster (a really fun one!)—and I’m still on it. I had no idea that I’d have another book ready to come out seven months after my first. Or that I would have written a third somewhere in that window too. Or that I would have an infant in the midst of all of this (wait, I guess that part was sort of planned!). Anyway, it’s been the most packed year of my life, and I’m still standing, and still loving it. That’s all.

Deb Tawna

I don’t have a butler yet. Or a private jet. Or a pool boy. Or a pool. Other than that, it’s pretty much what I expected.

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  1. What a week for the Debs! Fantastic news all around. 🙂

    Though I have to say I’m somewhat disappointed Deb Tawna doesn’t have her private jet yet. I was hoping she’d fly out to visit me, and maybe bring her non-existent pool boy along to serve us drinks on my deck. Since, yannoh, he wouldn’t be busy with her non-existent pool.

        1. LOL, I might have to get a pool boy just for the breast stroke thing! Forget the actual pool, that’s irrelevant.


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