News Flash: Conferences, Conferences, and Beach Volleyball?

Congrats to Debby, who won an ARC of Julie Anne Lindsey’s DECEIVED!

From the 2014 Debs…

Lori Rader-Day‘s publisher asked her to put a trip to New York for the annual Book Expo America on her calendar for next year! Big Apple, here she comes. Red Apple

Heather Webb recovered from a short bout of altitude sickness while in Denver and had a fantastic time meeting loads of writers at the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers conference.

Lisa Alber has been meeting mystery writers, readers, book bloggers, and all kinds of book people at the Bouchercon World Mystery Conference. What a blast! And what a welcoming community. Also, check out her first-ever  interview right here (after Allan Topol). Stephen Campbell, host of Authors on the Air, asked Lisa to share her insights about Bouchercon.

Determined to reconnect with hobbies outside of writing and reading, Natalia Sylvester joined a sand volleyball league this week. She’s happy to say that despite not playing since high school, she didn’t humiliate herself (too much) and her team won their first game.

Susan Gloss banged out edits on the first chunk of her work-in-progress (to be published by William Morrow / Harper Collins in 2015), to send to her agent for a first look.

From the Former Debs…

2012 Deb Linda Grimes‘s novel IN A FIX was translated into Korean for a foreign edition.

2013 Debs Susan Spann and Kerry Schafer attended the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers conference, too!

Author: Lori Rader-Day

Lori Rader-Day is the author of the mystery THE BLACK HOUR (Seventh Street Books, July 2014). She grew up in central Indiana, but now lives in Chicago with her husband and very spoiled dog.

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