News Flash: December 26, 2010

Contest Winner!  Congrats To Leslie Nagel who won Laurie Halse Anderson’s FORGE.

From the 2011 Debs…

Deb Sarah is excited to share that the editor in chief of Penguin/Plume had this to say about Sarah’s debut novel, The Violets of March, in the cover letter that accompanied the Summer catalog: “[THE VIOLETS OF MARCH is] … the original novel we think has the strongest commercial potential.” Sarah needed to be resuscitated after she read this sentence.

Deb Tawna was delighted that her editor, the legendary Deb Werksman, wrote an incredible blog post publicly praising every single romance author under the Sourcebooks Casablanca label (no small task!) Of Tawna, she wrote, “aside from the fact that your book made me laugh so hard my iced tea came out my nose, I am forever impressed by your tenaciousness.”

Deb Kim A holiday party elf overheard that I’m the best selling debut author that Skyhorse Publishing has published to date. That made me smile! I continue to receive the most gratifying emails from readers, “OMG, I live your life and thank you for telling it like it is!.” and “I laughed so hard, Kim, thank you.”  One email will stick with me forever, a young Mom whose son was diagnosed with autism just this past Fall read my book and said, “I have so much more hope now, Kim.” Ain’t nothing better than that!

Past Deb News…

Sarah Pekkanen is thrilled to announce Italian rights to Skipping a Beat have been sold to Piemme, which also published The Opposite of Me in Italy (and it hit the bestseller list!) Skipping a Beat has been called “Original, soulful, and engaging,” by NYT bestseller Emily Giffin and it will hit bookstores on Feb. 22, 2011 And please check out Sarah’s new original short story, ALL IS BRIGHT, now on sale for e-readers through Amazon and Nook!

Deb Dish — Songs That Will Make Us Think of 2010

Deb Elise

This is a tough one for me, because I rarely listen to new music.  Still, I’d say all the Glee albums will remind me of this year, since my daughter and I have listened to them and sing along to them NON-STOP!

Deb Eleanor

My year was divided into three parts – the end of my time in Florida, the summer spent largely in D.C. working at my new job, and then, finally, Colorado.  Oddly, the song that unites them all is “Tik Tok” by Ke$ha.  I refuse to be ashamed by this, but I do wonder what memories it will conjure up when I hear it in the future.

Deb Kim

The theme song to Sesame Street…. 41 years and counting. My girls love Sesame Street. Could be worse, it could be Barney!

Deb Sarah

For me, it will be “The Waters of March,” sung by the late Susannah McCorkle. The song inspired the story behind The Violets of March–and it even was the original title for the book! If you’ve never heard this song, you must download it on iTunes! It is the most beautiful, thoughtful song—one of my enduring favorites!

Deb Tawna

I always write to music, and each book ends up with a soundtrack of sorts. Because I have a three-book deal, I’ve spent the last year bouncing back and forth between all three stories – doing edits on one, writing new scenes on the other, then hopping back into a different one when my editor requests revisions. Music is a great tool to help me switch back into the mindset of each book.  Joseph Arthur’s “Tattoo,” always sets the right tone for my debut, MAKING WAVES, while The Push Stars’ song “Claire” is the unofficial theme for the second book, BELIEVE IT OR NOT. The third book, LET IT BREATHE, is still a work in progress, but I played Patty Griffin’s “Change” over and over again as I wrote the final love scene.

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