News Flash: December 5, 2010

Contest Winners! Congrats to Linda G. and Renee Taylor, who won the Bob Mayer giveaway!

From the 2011 Debs…

Deb Eleanor had the infinite pleasure of hanging out with upcoming Deb guest Siobhan Fallon this week.  Siobhan’s incredibly affecting short story collection, You Know When the Men Are Gone, debuts the same day as Deb Eleanor’s The Weird Sisters – January 20th!

Deb Tawna just did a week-long blog series on great gifts for authors, capping it off with a review of Kristen Lamb’s book You Are Not Alone: The Writer’s Guide to Social Media. You may recall, this is one of the books released by Who Dares Wins Publishing, the brainchild of last week’s guest blogger Bob Mayer. You can read Tawna’s review of the book here.

Deb Kim had an appearance in Dallas and a fabulous book signing at the Borders Lovers Lane.

Past Deb News…

Sarah Pekkanen is thrilled to report that Italian translation rights for Skipping a Beat have been sold to Piemme, the same publisher that translated The Opposite of Me (which hit the bestseller list in Italy this summer). Skipping a Beat will be in stores in the U.S. on February 22, 2011.

Deb Founder Eileen Cook is thrilled to announce that her upcoming YA, The Education of Hailey Kendrick received a starred review from Kirkus!

Deb Dish — The Debs’ Biggest Work Mistake Ever

Deb Elise

I think I’ve mentioned it already, but when you’re working on a show named Cosby and Bill Cosby calls… don’t put him on hold to check the other calls coming in.  Especially when you don’t know the phone system well and you might hang up on him.  Twice.   Would have been three times, but he assured me there would be no one more important buzzing in on the other line.  Oops.

Deb Eleanor

If you’re on a conference call, and you’re having a side conversation with with your sweetie where you will call them an embarrassing pet name, check to make sure you’re on mute first.  Not that I’d know.  I’m just saying.

Deb Kim

I ran a media insertion in the Wall Street Journal on the wrong day to the tune of a bazillion dollars and one very angry client.

Deb Sarah

Most of mine amount to typos–an occupational hazard. I still shudder about one I made in a story that went to press when I was a young writer working at an alumni magazine. It was a story about a restaurant family and I summed up the story with flowery sentiments about their long legacy and how they would be leaving the restaurant in the capable hands of their son Adam. Only problem was their son’s name was Mark. Doh. But, the one that makes me laugh a lot is a typo I made on my Glamour blog last year (that fortunately, made my editor laugh instead of fire me!). I was describing the movie “Legally Blond” in a post, and instead published it as “Legally Boned.” Eeks!

Deb Tawna

In a big important article, I accidentally allowed spellcheck to correct the name of a college’s director of alumni relations from “Marilyn Wessel” to “Marlin Weasel.”  There’s also the time I wrote a snippy email about the boss to a co-worker who was similarly disgusted with the boss’s lack of worth ethic. The boss – who happened to be reading over my co-worker’s shoulder when she opened my message – was not amused.

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  1. Tawna, I hope Marlin became a character in some book. In Dallas my friends and I went to a fabulous store called I bought a gift for my agent – who is not a cowboy but who is very cool. The owner was so handsome and cowboy cool that I had my first hot flash – his name is Heath Calhoun – is that the perfect romance book hero name? Now, how the heck do you write romance? Do I have to make people kiss or something? 🙂 Sarah, did the folks who made the porn flick version (I’m sure someone did) sue? Eleanor, I was on a conf call last week with a Senator’s office and heard a toilet flush! Elise – did you make him go Hey! Hey! Hey!? KIM

    1. Mmmmm…Heath Calhoun. I think I had a hot flash from the name alone! And hey, there are plenty of romances with little or no kissing (they’re called “inspirationals” and one of my critique partners writes ’em). Suffice it to say, that is NOT what I write 🙂


  2. No Hey Hey Hey, but in one of my favorite writing moments, I did write Phylicia Rashad (Debbie Allen’s sister) a monologue that almost exactly matched Debbie Allen’s from the opening of the TV show “Fame” (You know the one — “You want fame? Well fame costs…”)

    It didn’t stay in past the table read, but it was an AWESOME table read.

  3. I’m one of the Bob Mayer giveaway winners? How very cool! Thanks to all you for posting that great interview. 🙂

    All of your mistakes are hilarious. And at least you’re getting some mileage out of them now, right? Makes it all worth it, right? 😉

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