News Flash: February 27, 2011

Congrats to Karen K who won Sofie Kelly’s Curiosity Thrilled the Cat! Didn’t win? Buy a copy HERE.

From the 2011 Debs…

Becky Papp, a terrific Mom blogger, has a podcast of her interview with Deb Kim last month. She did a terrific job with questions and follow up, also has a preverbal daughter on the autism spectrum.

On Friday, Deb Tawna celebrated one year since her agent called with the good news that Sourcebooks was offering a three book deal for her romantic comedies. She marked the anniversary by curling up on her sofa and reading like a fiend all day long!

Deb Dish — The Debs’ Favorite Place and Time of Day to Write

Deb Elise

I actually did a blog post about this recently, because I have a conundrum.  My favorite time of day to write is late at night… but lately I’ve been too crazy-tired to actually work those hours between 10pm and 2am.  I do love my Panera days.  I work out super early, get to Panera when it’s close to opening time, pop on the noise-canceling headphones with Pandora blaring in my ears, and I’ll stay there all day long writing.

Deb Eleanor

Weirdly, I usually end up writing in the evening, though I’d rather write in the morning.  I’m at my best morning and late afternoon, but that’s usually when I’m at the gym.  And I can write pretty much anywhere, but it’s always better when it’s done by the pool at the Portofino Hotel in Orlando.  Clearly they need to hook me up with a writing residency.

Deb Kim

Mornings work best for fiction. Used to be night – before noon works well now. Lots of coffee! Non-fic is anytime I need to blog or get something off my chest.

Deb Sarah

At night! I tend to do my magazine work during the day and focus on fiction at night. I thrive on the quiet time after my kids are in bed and maybe I can sip a glass of wine and just zone out with my characters. I love to write at night—it feels like I’m playing more than working.

Deb Tawna

I’m lucky to have a part-time day job that allows me to work three days a week and then have four straight days to devote to writing. I tend to spend mornings editing, afternoons plodding along, and evenings writing fast and furious (the product of a glass or two of wine, which explains the need for editing the next morning).

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    1. Thanks – I’m learning how a good interviewer – whether a “professional” or not, makes such a difference. I was on two stations in a certain city – TV morning shows – one woman had done her homeowork and was very sharp – she asked great questions and we flowed really well. The other had not – and her open eneded couldn’t answer if I was writing the Encyclopedia Brittanica questions fell flat and made me feel like I did too.

      Do you find that too?

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