News Flash: January 2, 2011

From the 2011 Debs…

Deb Kim just found out her kids are OFF tomorrow – they start back on 1/4. Now what is up with THAT? I was hoping to become a productive human being on Monday and not just a meal preparing, decoration moving zombie. Alas, looks like I’ll be 24 hours off! On a brighter note, my publicist booked me on on San Diego Living (morning TV) on 1/25. I’m picking my book tour back up – hope to meet you!

Deb Dish — What We’re Excited About in 2011!

Deb Elise

New Year’s is my favorite holiday — I totally buy into the mystique of a new year filled with promise.  Every Dec 31st I dig out my hot pink journal that’s only used for this purpose, asses how I did with last year’s goals, marvel over all the surprises I never saw coming, then make both sweeping and specific goals for the upcoming year.  (Yes, I’m really that big a geek — you’d never know I’m really a wholly disorganized mess.)  I also always receive a fascinating email from myself, thanks to Future Me.  I read it, then write a new one to be delivered one year later.

That’s what I was excited about on New Year’s Eve.  As for what’ll actually go down in 2011… there are a zillion things that excite me (including Populazzi‘s release, of course), so I look forward to working like crazy and following my bliss (thank you, Joseph Campbell), then seeing how it all shakes out!

Deb Eleanor

I’m excited for the release of The Weird Sisters, of course, but I’m also looking forward to the unknown.  Which old friends will I get to see while I’m traveling, and which new ones will I meet? Which of the manuscripts I’m playing around with will become a real book? Will the endless time I’ve been spending at the gym pay off? What book that I read this year will I fall in love with? I wish I had a Magic 8 ball to tell me all the answers!

Deb Kim

I’m tickled pink (natch) to be working on a pretty cool (sellable!) YA fiction MS and am figuring out non-fic #2. I hope Eric (my agent) and I will sell both books in ’11.

Deb Sarah

I’m so excited about 2011. Of course, there’s the debut of The Violets of March, and the “debut” of my third baby boy—who will make his arrival somewhere around the early part of February (yes, I’m the crazy woman with a book and a baby coming within weeks of each other!). Other things I’m giddy about: Getting back into running and drinking coffee and wine again after a pregnancy hiatus, and working on my next novels (I’m so excited to share details about them–soon!).

Deb Tawna

I’m still trying to grasp the idea that it’s 2011. Wasn’t it just 1986 like yesterday? I’d appreciate it if someone would let me know either way so I can decide whether to plan for a book release or my sixth-grade graduation.