News Flash! January 27, 2008

Deb News:

Deb Jess is thrilled to receive a fantastic endorsement from the phenomenal Marian Keyes: Driving Sideways is a gorgeous novel — I LOVED it!! It’s enjoyable, uplifting, and so so so funny and sparky. I found it hugely entertaining and very touching. Jess Riley’s voice is irreverent and wonderful, and her writing is genius.”

Deb Eileen and her debut, Unpredictable, will be presented this Monday, January 28, at Seize a Daisy.

Deb Jenny’s debut novel, Sleeping with Ward Cleaver, will be released officially on Monday, January 28, and Amazon already had to re-order!

A few more fabulous reviews for Sleeping with Ward Cleaver: says: “What a fun read from the attention grabbing title, SLEEPING WITH WARD CLEAVER, to the final elevator scene; I was chuckling and agreeing with every word. How did Jenny Gardiner manage to “get it” so right and put married life into such hilarious perspective?! But you don’t have to be married to appreciate the humor and witty words of Ms. Gardiner. Her determined character, Claire, is a woman we can all recognize as she raises phoenix like from the “every-dayness” of life! For a fresh, funny, entertaining read; SLEEPING WITH WARD CLEAVER by award winning debut author Jenny Gardiner is sure to delight and amuse.”

Kimberly Swan with Reader to Reader wrote: “Ms. Gardiner shares a heartfelt and witty tale packed with the trials and joy that comes with being in love. Compelling and wonderfully realistic, Sleeping With Ward Cleaver will keep readers laughing while they cheer Claire on to happiness.”

Deb Jenny is thrilled to be joining the Girlfriend’s Cyber Circuit, a wonderful group of authors who help spread the word on their upcoming novels via their websites/blogs. She’ll also be blog-touring starting this week, at Joanne Rendell’s fun blog, the clever Kim Stagliano’s blog, the hilarious Steph Elliott’s Manic Mommy blog, The Title Wave blog, Rose and Thorns E-zine guest blog, and

She’ll be over at hopefully this week.

Also please visit her over at for the final week of her contest—what would you do if you found yourself in protagonist Claire Doolittle’s shoes. There’s a free signed copy of Sleeping with Ward Cleaver up for grabs! Speaking of contests, she’s got two running at her website, with $50 Amazon gift certificates at stake. Stop by and check them out!

Lastly, Deb Jenny appears in a fun interview with Kathe Gogolewski on Mother Daughter Radio on January 31 here.

The Debs will be presenting at this year’s RWA National Conference in San Fran this July. Hope to see you there!

One week until the fabulous contests begin! Are you ready?

This week we’ll be shuffling posts a little bit—Deb Jenny will borrow Gail’s Monday slot, and Tuesday the Debs will give the floor to Friend of Debs Patry Francis, a lovely and talented writer whose novel Liar’s Diary will be released Tuesday but who is currently undergoing treatment for an aggressive form of cancer and is unable to publicize her book. Please be sure to check it out as she has an enormous support network of writers who are devoting their Tuesday to helping ensure that Patry’s novel gets the attention it deserves. Thanks!

Founders News:

Congratulations to Deb Founder Jennifer McMahon on the sale of her next novel, Dismantled, in which a terrible crime returns to haunt old college friends who once formed a group of Compassionate Dismantlers, believing that things (and perhaps, people) must be taken literally apart to truly understand them.

Guest Author Series:

The debs are thrilled to welcome the prolific guest author Lauren Baratz-Logsted this Thursday, January 31st as she introduces her young adult novel, Secrets of My Suburban Life.

In addition we have the honor of hosting guest author Karin Gillespie on February 2, talking about her latest novel, Earthly Pleasures. Please stop by and say hello to her.

Deb Friends:

Jordan Rosenfeld‘s fabulous new book Make A Scene: Crafting a Powerful Story Once Scene at a Time is in bookstores now and getting rave reviews. Be sure to check it out.

What the Debs are Reading:

Deb Lisa is reading Make a Scene by Jordan Rosenfeld
Deb Jess is reading Best Friends by Martha Moody
Deb Gail just finished The Liars’ Diary by Patry Francis (Tuesday is The Liar’s Diary Blog Day at The Debutante Ball. Be sure to stop by!)
Deb Danielle is reading Eileen Cook’s Unpredictable.
Deb Eileen is reading The Last Place by Laura Lippman
Deb Jenny is reading author Malena Lott’s upcoming novel, Dating DaVinci, which will be published in 2008.

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