News Flash, January 4

coverOur first launch approaches! Stop by the Ball all week as the 2009 class sends Deb Tiffany’s The Little Giant of Aberdeen County out into the world!

Little Giant has debuted at #9 on the San Francisco Chronicle Best Seller List!

Speaking of the Little Giant launch, loyal reader Larramie celebrates Deb Tiffany and her book tomorrow, Monday, January 5, over at Seize a Daisy! Thank you, Larramie!

Check out to read an interview with Tiffany about The Little Giant of Aberdeen County! Hope you enjoy.

We have a Contest Winner!
We had several fabulous contestants enter our Fabulous Holiday Contest, but only ONE who got all the answers right!
. . . Deb Tiffany thinks Lays Potato Chips and champagne are a perfect food pairing.
. . . Deb Kristina is known for her ability to walk AND read at the same time.
. . . Deb Katie wrote an infomercial for The Kegelmaster.
. . . Deb Eve believes she makes the world’s best ruggelach.
. . . And Deb Meredith grew up on a commune. Now you know!

Since only Cally Waite got them all right and she’s the Contest Maven’s 12-year-old niece (and probably doesn’t want a Scribbling Woman T-Shirt), we chose another entrant at random for our fabulous prize. Congratulations to Marsha Brantley, she gets a Scribbling Woman t-shirt. Marsha, drop a note to eve(at)thedebutanteball(dot)com and let me know your t-shirt size and your preference (i.e. are you a Damn Scribbling Woman or just a regular one?).

And to celebrate Deb Tiffany’s launch week, we’re holding another contest. All readers who comment on any of our posts this week will automatically be entered to win. At the end of the week, one commenter will be chosen at random and will receive a signed copy of The Little Giant of Aberdeen County! So visit the Ball this week and help us launch Deb Tiffany – and leave us a comment to win a signed copy of this gorgeous book.

Former Deb Gail has a new website and two new blogs! Poke around and let her know what you think!

Former Deb Jenny Gardiner’s novel Sleeping with Ward Cleaver is featured all month on Facebook’s Mom Lit page. Please stop by to visit!

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