News Flash! June 10, 2007

Contests! Don’t forget about our Postcard Contest! It ends June 30 so be sure to get yourself in the running – it’s easy peasy lemon squeezy to qualify, and the prize is pretty cool (a postcard from each of us plus a goody gift? It’s a no brainer!)

PARTY on! Deb Anna’s PARTY GIRL made The Chicago Tribune‘s “Hot Reads for Summer” list, a piece on her is in the current issue of Complete Woman Magazine, Q&A’s with her ran on MediaBistro, UrbanMuse and History Buff, and the book logged mentions on websites as varied as Wordnbass (we’re still trying to suss out, quite frankly, what exactly that one is) and Austenblog.

Hot Deb Links! New grog on the block, baby! Grub Street, Boston’s fabulous writing community is grogging away. This is good stuff, folks. 

Get your Write on! Robert Gregory Browne and Brett Battles are venturing into the podcast world. They’ve started a series of talks about writing, which, in the near future, will also include interviews with other authors and publishing industry professionals. Their first podcast on writing characters is now up.

Seize a Daisy and a Book! Friend of the site, Larramie, has compiled a list of must have summer reads from the Debs: Check it out at the always entertaining and informative Seize a Daisy on Monday!

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