News Flash: June 19, 2011

Congrats to Jennifer who won Camille Noe Pagan’s The Art of Forgetting.

From the 2011 Debs…

Deb Eleanor is so excited to be visiting The Bookworm in Edwards, CO this Thursday the 23rd! I’ve been hearing about The Bookworm since I moved to Colorado, and I can’t wait to see it in person. Mountains, here I come!

Deb Elise spent Friday night at the Emmys!  She was nominated for her writing on Dinosaur Train, and though The Penguins of Madagascar snagged the trophy (they are after all a crack paramilitary operation, so it should come as no surprise), she had an amazing time… and even got one-on-one time with OSCAR THE GROUCH!!!

Deb Kim Had a very fun chance meeting yesterday. I’m a big fan of music of the 30s, 40s – big band, jazz, swing – and I met Cab Calloway’s daughter at a local BBQ joint. She was with a gent and wearing a Cab Calloway T-shirt. I commented, “Oh I love his music! I saw his grandson a few years ago in Cleveland.” “He was my Dad.”  Tears sprung into my eyes. What a piece of history, both musical and political. And my girls love the Cab Calloumouse character on Sesame Street. I cried when I met Bob McGrath from Sesame Street too.  Such a softie!

Past Deb News

Deb Mia King (Good Things) is giving away a Kindle! If you’ve read her latest book, FRIENDSHIP BREAD (written as Darien Gee), or want to, then you could win! Visit her on her website for more details. The Miami Herald calls it “an engrossing read,” and Ladies’ Home Journal says it’s “charming.” Ends 6/30/11. Good luck!

In case you missed it, Deb Katie Alender‘s sequel to Bad Girls Don’t Die is out! From Bad to Cursed is available now, and get your popcorn ready, because the trailer is (ahem) to die for!

Friends of the Debs

Congrats to Deb guest Liane Moriarty, whose What Alice Forgot is in this week’s People magazine’s list of Great Summer Reads!

Deb Dish — The Debs Most Memorable Moment with Dad/Father Figure

Deb Elise

You know the grandmother I’m always writing about?  She and her husband, my Pop-Pop Irv, used to go to Atlantic City all the time.  They even had a condo there for awhile.  I remember him taking me — I’m sure it was my sister too, but I just remember him with me — out beyond the breakers, so we could jump the ocean swells together.  I can still see him laughing as each wave bobbed us upwards.  He’s been gone for thirteen years now, but every time I think about it I miss him more.

Deb Eleanor

My father used to be a music teacher, and I remember being on a road trip with him, where he explained to me how he used to use the Beach Boys’ “Help Me, Rhonda” to teach symphonic form. It was hilarious, and I still think of that moment every time I hear that song.

Deb Kim

My Dad sent me a dozen roses for my 13th birthday – perhaps it was 13 roses. Red. I’ve never forgotten how special and loved that made me feel.

Deb Sarah

Too many stories to recount. But my dad was (and is) an amazing storyteller—so good, we’d prefer his made-up stories at bedtime to real books. He’d also take us on walks to a local cemetery. I know, this sounds very morbid (and my dad is not morbid), but we were so fascinated by the stories of the dead (we loved checking the dates and were so amazed to find that little kids like us actually DIED!

Deb Tawna

When I was 3, my dad saved my life. We were at a wedding reception at someone’s home, and I wandered off into the backyard where there was a swimming pool with a cover over the top. I just assumed the cover was solid and tried to walk on it. Bad move. Lucky for me, my grandmother turned around just in time to see me slip under. My dad took off running and dove in after me wearing his suit, tie, shoes, and watch. I probably still owe him a new watch.

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  1. Love all your memorable moments! Yours especially, Tawna — It’s tough to top that whole life-saving thing. Yeah, I’d say you owe him a new watch. 😉

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