News Flash! March 23, 2008

Deb News:
Deb Jenny will discuss SLEEPING WITH WARD CLEAVER on a panel about marriage in fiction at the Virginia Festival of the Book at 6 p.m. Wednesday, March 26, at New Dominion Bookshop in Charlottesville, VA.

Deb Friend Andrea Frazer posted a fabulous and very thoughtful review on her Baby Center blog and gave Sleeping with Ward Cleaver a wonderful mention on her always fun and interesting Good Housekeeping My So-Called Sex Life blog. Said Frazer: Sleeping With Ward Cleaver is the perfect lounge at the pool summer reading. Not only will you learn that you’re not the first person on the planet to avoid sex with your husband, but you will also find that you might just be able to jumpstart it again with a little humor and open minded conversation.

Meg Cabot included a very generous mention of Sleeping with Ward Cleaver in her blog recently (scroll down to March 6 entry, it’s the 4th paragraph beneath the sub-heading End of Spoiler).

And here’s a Virginia Festival of the book preview piece from Charlottesville’s The Hook.

Sleeping with Ward Cleaver is the featured giveaway book on Charlottesville radio station 106.1 The Corner—you too can stream the audio of this awesome station and try to win a copy.

Oh, and totally forgot to mention that Sleeping with Ward Cleaver went into its second printing a couple of weeks ago!

Fifteen Minutes of Shame by Lisa DailyFifteen Minutes of Shame debuts this week, and Deb Lisa will be embarking on a 22-city tour. Lisa will be blogging about her tour experiences on the Debutante Ball and her myspace page.

Lisa Daily will be dishing about break-ups gone bad, the behind-the-scenes world of TV experts, and her hilarious new novel Fifteen Minutes of Shame, a romantic comedy about a TV dating guru who finds out her husband is cheating — live on national television. For more info on where to see Lisa in your city, visit

Tuesday, March 25, 2008 7-9 PM
Sponsored by Partida Tequila
140 Seventh Ave South
NY, NY 10014
*Complimentary appetizers and Partida “Fifteen Minutes of Shame” Margaritas, and giveaways.

Friday, March 28 – 7:30 pm

Tattered Cover – LODO
Signing & Launch Party
1628 16th Street (at Wynkoop)
Denver, CO 80202
Phone: 303-436-1070

Tuesday, April 1, 2008 7 – 9 PM
Sponsored by Partida Tequila
1307 S. Wabash
Chicago, IL 60605
*Complimentary appetizers and Partida “Fifteen Minutes of Shame” Margaritas, and giveaways.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008 at 7:30pm
Signing & Launch Party
1500 16th Street, Suite D
Oak Brook, IL 60523

Saturday, April 5, 2008 – 2:00pm
Signing & Launch Party
600 North Orlando Ave
Winter Park, FL 32789

The Debs Take Manhattan!
Special Debutante Ball signing with Deb
Lisa Daily
signing Fifteen Minutes of Shame
and Deb Eileen Cook signing Unpredictable
Thursday, April 10, 2008 at 7:00pm
461 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10022

For a complete listing of upcoming events, visit Lisa’s events page.

FIFTEEN MINUTES OF SHAME snagged a fabulous review from, they called it “sure to be a hit”. And Genre Go Round posted a lovely one as well.

Friend of Debs News:
Stephanie Elliot of Manic Mommy fame is running a contest this coming week–giving away four copies of the newly updated softcover of Jennifer Weiner’s Good In Bed and a copy of Weiner’s much-awaited sequel to Good in Bed, Certain Girls. Just go here starting Monday or Tuesday and post your name with your email address to be in the running.


In case you hadn’t noticed, Deb Lisa’s Fifteen Minutes of Shame is being launched this week (everywhere and of course here at The Ball) and of course we will be holding a contest and giving away prizes. Details will be posted on the contest page Monday morning. Welcome to your debut, Deb Lisa!

What the Debs are Reading:
Deb Jenny is thoroughly enjoying Dizzy City by Nicholas Griffin.
Deb Danielle is reading A.M. Homes The Mistress’s Daughter

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  2. Hey Debs, thanks for the plug on the Jennifer Weiner contest, I’ll be putting up details late Monday afternoon!

    Also, very excited to see Deb Lisa will be in my neck ‘o the woods in April… how lucky can one non-Deb get?!?!?!? I’m making the Deb rounds–having befriended and met Eileen, Jess, and now soon Lisa… I’m getting the notches on my belt! (Is that the term?!?!)

    Anyway, stop by later for a chance to win Certain Girls and Good In Bed!

    Debs ROCK!

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