News Flash: March 25, 2012

Congrats to Jane Cook, winner of a copy of Jennifer Gooch Hummer’s Girl Unmoored!

From the 2012 Debs…

Deb Joanne – would like to remind everyone that her Goodreads ARC giveaway is almost over. If you haven’t gone to enter, you only have a few days left.

Deb Erika has been working on the reader’s guide for THE MERMAID COLLECTOR and coming up with some discussion questions. While there are no gumbo recipes this time around, she is still promising plenty of flavor…

Deb Molly will be teaching a class called Start Your Novel Now, beginning Monday, April 2, at StoryStudio Chicago. There are still a few spots left!

Deb Rachel will also be teaching at StoryStudio Chicago. Sign up now for the one-night class Perfect Pitch: How To Sell a Non-Fiction Book on Monday, April 16.

Past Deb News

Deb Tawna was interviewed by USA Today about her new release BELIEVE IT OR NOT. Read it here!

Debs Eleanor and Sarah Pekkanen and Jenny Gardiner have been at the wonderful VA Festival of the Books in Charlottesville this week!

Deb Friends

Deb Friend Sarah McCoy just visited Denver’s Tattered Cover Book Store to read from her novel THE BAKER’S DAUGHTER.

Deb Dish – What is one locale you’ve always wanted to write about/use as a setting but have yet to try?

Deb Joanne – most of my books are set in Anytown, Canada/USA, so I don’t think too much about actual locale settings. The only book I have ever set in a specific place was the mermaid one that was set in Carmel California, and I did extensive internet research, including A LOT of Google Streetview to get real images of streets and locations right in the town. I was even able to choose a house where my main character lived in. Kind of creepy when you think of how people in different countries can drill right down to actual houses and explore streets and stores with just a few clicks of a mouse…

Deb Erika I have always wanted to set a novel in the Southwest (and hope to someday!) but I have yet to visit that part of the world and I know in today’s world of Google maps and other internet resources, I could probably glean enough info to do so site-unseen, but I really feel I need to BE there to really get a feel for the landscape in order to write something believable. In other words: Road trip! Who’s in?

Deb Molly I also want to write about the Southwest! I lived in New Mexico for years, but the longer I lived there, the more I felt I didn’t truly understand it. It’s a wild and challenging place.

Deb Linda — Hmm. So many great places to choose from! I guess I’d have to go with Ireland. It’s beautiful — I adored my visit there. Plus, I picked up loads of fun, off-the-beaten-path info that I think I could work into one of my books. (What? I can totally see my MC breaking into the ruins of an old castle in the off season, hooking up with probable gun runners by mistake, and escaping by a hair. *cough* Not that anything like that happened to me while I was there. Not that anything like that didn’t happen to me, either. You know what? I think I’ll just plead the Fifth on this one. (No, smarty-pants. Not the fifth of Irish whiskey. Okay, well, maybe…)

Deb Rachel would love to write a book set at a summer camp. Write what you know, right?

6 Replies to “News Flash: March 25, 2012”

  1. Great interview, Tawna!

    Eleanor, Sarah, and Jenny — I so wish I’d been able to get down to Charlottesville this week. I would have been so much fun to meet you! Alas, real life intervened.

    Joanne — I know what you mean about Google streetview. I find it a great resource as a writer, but it kind of creeps me out when I think anyone anywhere in the world could possibly get that “close” to me.

    Erika — Hey, if you ever have any questions about the great Southwest, ask away. I grew up in Texas, and it’s in my blood.

  2. I’m so jealous of you ladies getting to Charlottesville! I think at least Jenny goes every year, right?

    And Linda, I would LOVE to go to Ireland, so maybe I should set a book there so I can visit. There must be tons of haunted castles there, so surely a tween medium has reason to travel there. Yeah, that definitely seems like a good idea. Want to come? 😉

    1. Oh, sounds fun! I’m sure there is no shortage of haunted place in Ireland to visit. May have to research some pubs, too. As long as we’re there. 😉

  3. Rachel, I demand you write a camp book! I never went to camp, so I missed out on that whole social/anthropological thing. Well, I went to music camp at the University of Wisconsin, where we lived in the dorms, but it was more Glee than Salute Your Shorts.

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