News Flash! May 4 2008

Deb News:

Deb Eileen would like to thank everyone who came out to see her speak at the Write On Vancouver Conference this weekend. It was great to see you at the book signing.

Deb Jess appeared in her first print and online feature article today, in The Oshkosh Northwestern! Thanks to Sarah Owen for the great write-up. Jess will also be appearing in the May 15 issue of MKE magazine.

Deb Lisa had a great write up on Friday in the Atlanta Journal Constitution in an article that compared the fictional Fifteen Minutes of Shame character Holt Gregory to real-life celebrity divorce attorney John Mayoue. (Holt surfs, John runs) Fifteen Minutes of Shame was also featured in the Sarasota Herald Tribune on Friday, and in a post-launch story that will run this Wednesday.

Curled Up With A Good Book just gave Fifteen Minutes of Shame a great review. You can read it here.

Just a reminder The Debs are participating in Brenda Novak’s Auction to raise money for diabetes research. There are some great things up for auction including exciting vacations (Deb Eileen lusts after the get-away to Susan Wigg’s place), big screen TV’s, jewelry, signed books and all types of meet and greets with various writers, agents and editors. Be sure to check it out.

Guest Author Series:

Check out author Brenda Novak on May 7th and author Dallas Hudgens on May 10th.


Congrats to Jonathan Schramm, who has won a copy of Evan Handler’s It’s Only Temporary: The Good News and The Bad News of Being Alive!

Debs are Reading:
Deb Eileen is reading Swapping Lives by Jane Green

Deb Gail is reading Kristy Kiernan’s Matters of Faith and LOVING it!

Deb Jess is reading Complete Home Gardening so she doesn’t kill the perennials she’s planting on Sunday.

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  1. Thanks for the Congrats! I’m loving Evan’s book, almost as much as I loved Jenny Gardiner’s Sleeping With Ward Cleaver.

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