News Flash, November 1

Graduate Deb Kristina
will be signing Real Life & Liars at Literary Life Bookstore & More, 758 Wealthy St. SE, Grand Rapids, Michigan, on Thursday, Nov. 5 starting at 7 p.m. She’ll also have postcards available for a sneek peek at the new book coming out in August, The Life You’ve Imagined.

Founding Deb Anna David has a new book deal! As announced recently in Publishers Marketplace: “Author of Party Girl and Bought, journalist Anna David’s WHAT I SAY I WANT: One Woman’s Quest to Find the Perfect Man or the Perfect Me, about the year she spends following the advice of Cosmo’s Helen Gurley Brown to change her life — and finally determine if she really wants to find “the one” and settle down or accept her life the way that it is, to Jennifer Schulkind at Harper Paperbacks, by Andy McNicol at William Morris Endeavor.”

Graduate Deb Meredith is very pleased to announce she has been picked as NJ Bergen County’s “Invite an Author” for the month of November. The libraries will be showcasing POSED FOR MURDER and inviting her to book discussion groups.

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  1. My son went to Meredith’s signing for me a few weeks ago. I can’t wait for him to bring me my copy of Posed For Murder when he comes home for Thanksgiving break.

  2. Good morning. Great info. I’ll be passing this post along. I would disagree on the Backspace info though. The Backspace conference is primarily for unagented writers. I met and ultimately signed with my agent Eric Myers at Backspace 2007. Worth the small fee to join.


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