News Flash! November 11, 2007

Deb News:
Deb Danielle has received a fantastic blurb from someone you may have heard of…”If there’s one book you read this year, make it Falling Under. Brimming with raw emotion and intensity and peppered with damaged souls you want so much to root for, it’s the kind of novel that makes a writer wish she’d written it.” Jenny Gardiner, author of Sleeping With Ward Cleaver

Deb Jenny got her first (awesome!) review: Keri Mikulski, writing for South Jersey Mom Magazine, says:

Brand spanking new author Jenny Gardiner’s debut novel, Sleeping with Ward Cleaver is a sensational sitcom-inspired feisty feast. Gardiner’s fun, witty, romp keeps readers giggling from cover to cover.

Founder News: Founder Kristy Kiernan’s debut novel Catching Genius has been nominated for the Florida Book Award!

Speaking of Founder Kristy, her next novel, MATTERS OF FAITH, is available for pre-order on Amazon. Always a fun moment in the process! 

Deb Friends:
Amazon’s 100 Best Books of 2007 list just came out and on it are books by two of our fellow Backspacers. Jon Clinch’s Finn and John Elder Robison’s Look Me In The Eye were listed at #66 and #67. Wow!

Alexandra Sokoloff has sold her next two supernatural thrillers to St. Martin’s Press. Congrats Alex!

And Deb Friend Heather Brewer has had an incredible week. Heather has sold the next two books in her Chronicles of Vladimir Tod series to Dutton and Eighth Grade Bites, the first in the series, has been named one of the 2008 Quick Picks for Reluctant Young Adult Readers. Go, Heather!

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