News Flash, November 2

Deb Gail is profiled on Literary Mama this month. She is a keynote speaker at the Breast Cancer Recovery Conference on Saturday November 8th in Madison, Wisconsin and will also be conducting a workshop on hope and healing through creative writing. On Wednesday November 5th she will be on NPR “In the Morning with Bonnie Grice.”

Deb Eve is reading graduate Deb Jenny’s SLEEPING WITH WARD CLEAVER. It’s delightful!

Deb Meredith is enjoying reading Deb Gail’s CANCER IS A BITCH, and is watching her husband go by in the New York City Marathon today (on the photo truck, not running this time!).

Founding Deb Mia King’s SWEET LIFE received a lovely review from Booklist: “A truly delightful read by the author of Good Things (2007) that highlights the nontourist Hawaii and incorporates King’s trademark recipes.” The Honolulu Star-Bulletin called the novel “colorful … a breezy, satisfying read.”