News Flash, November 30

Deb Katie Alender is pleased to announce that Bad Girls Don’t Die is now available for pre-order at Barnes &!

The query letter* for Deb Kristina’s novel, Real Life & Liars, is featured in a new book out this week called The Writers Digest Guide to Query Letters, by Wendy Burt-Thomas. See how it all began and maybe pick up some query letter tips.

* For non-writers among the crowd, a query letter is what one sends to an agent to pique his or her interest in reading one’s manuscript…

Deb Eve’s short-short fiction piece, “Losing Africa,” appears in New Millennium Writings 2008-09 which is available now.

Debs are Reading
Deb Katie is reading Me & Mr. Darcy by Alexandra Potter.

Deb Meredith is reading First Comes Love, then Comes Malaria by Deb Eve.

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