News Flash: October 2, 2011

From the 2012 Debs…

Deb Molly is teaching Writing The Young Adult Novel at StoryStudio Chicago, starting Monday, October 10. There’s still room in her class!

Deb Rachel is thrilled to announce that her memoir, MWF Seeking BFF, is a Goodreads giveaway! If you’d like to read an early copy, enter by October 10!

Deb Erika can’t believe Little Gale Gumbo releases this week!


Past Deb News

Check out Deb Anna David‘s guest post on Friend of the Debs Kathy’s (aka BermudaOnion) blog! Anna’s new memoir, Falling for Me, comes out October 11th!

Deb Elise is thrilled to announce that Wind Dancer Films has optioned the movie rights to her debut novel, Populazzi! Click here for the official press release!


Friends of the Debs

Past Deb Guest A.S. King’s EVERYBODY SEES THE ANTS releases this week (October 3).  Deb Joanne had a chance to read an ARC and suggests everyone go buy a copy of this amazing book.

Deb Guest Allison Winn Scotch tweeted the exciting news that she is sending out ARCs of her upcoming release The Song Remains the Same!

Deb Dish — If you had to pick a character to be a real-life best-friend, who would it be?

Deb Joanne – well it should come as no surprise that my pics are from children’s books.  I ALWAYS wanted Aslan as a best friend.  I could imagine myself walking with him, the way that Lucy and Susan did, with their hands buried in his mane.  And yes, I know you’re thinking, “But Joanne, what about Anne? You wouldn’t forsake her for a lion, would you?”.  No, no, don’t worry – I already have it all worked out: the three of us would be the awesome trifecta of redheaded BFFs.

Deb Erika This is definitely a hard one but I’m going with Cee Cee Bloom, the irrepressible, in-your-face half of the tear-jerking best friends duo from Iris Rainer Dart’s Beaches. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be best friends for life with a brassy kid who hangs out under the Atlantic City boardwalk?

Deb Rachel Just one? I’ve written an entire post on this, but at least then I got to pick nine. Ok, I choose Ginny Weasley! Badass, loyal, witty, smart. Tortured, but stronger for it. (Second place goes to Harriet the Spy. We could solve mysteries and be all stealthy together. Sorry. Couldn’t choose.)

Deb Linda Wow. Tough one. I think I’ll go with Juli, from Tawna Fenske’s Making Waves. She’s super-smart, witty, loads of fun to hang out with, and has access to some *cough* very interesting smuggled goods. Oh, and Juli’s cool, too.

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  1. Great news, everyone!

    Oh, and I think we should all get together, including our character BFFs, and have a party. We can get Ginny to whip up the refreshments — shouldn’t be any trouble for a witch.

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