News Flash! October 28, 2007

Deb News:

The debs are hard at work editing, copyediting, writing new manuscripts, waiting to hear on submissions, attending writer’s conferences and hob-nobbing with all kinds of important people. In other words, there is much deb news in the making, but none to report this week.

But, if you’re looking for something, Deb Jen has an essay on a regional NPR affiliate. If you are or have been a parent of a teen, you might relate…go here and scroll to the bottom, look for Jenny Gardiner and link where indicated.

Guest Author Series:

We are thrilled to have author Ellen Litman guest blogging on Monday October 29th. Ellen’s novel, The Last Chicken in America, was released this year to great acclaim and she is also the award winning author of numerous short stories, and an Assistant Professor and Associate Director of Creative Writing at the University of Connecticut.

Deb Friends:

Renee Rosen’s fabulous book, Every Crooked Pot, has gone into its second printing. Yahoo Renee!

Sara Gruen, bestselling author of Water For Elephants, recieved the Carl Sandburg Literary Award this week. Congratulations on this great honor, Sara.

Author Eliza Graham, whose debut novel Playing With The Moon was released this summer, is featured in a great interview this week at