News Flash: October 31st, 2010

From the 2011 Debs…

Deb Sarah’s new column about baby health and nutrition debuts this month in the November issue of American Baby! But, but, but, the big news is that … drumroll please … Sarah’s debut novel, The Violets of March, has a cover! What do you think? (Sarah is smitten!)

Booklist loves Deb Eleanor’s The Weird Sisters!  “There are no false steps in this debut novel:  the humor, lyricism, and realism characterizing this lovely book will appeal to fans of good modern fiction as well as stories of family and the Midwest.”

Deb Kim’s book will be released tomorrow, November 1st!  Celebrate with us here, and at The Divining Wand, where you can enter to win one of TWO copies of All I Can Handle: I’m No Mother Teresa.

Friends of the Debs…

Upcoming Deb guest Melissa Senate‘s The Love Goddess’ Cooking School is available now!

Past Deb guest Beth Hoffman’s Saving CeeCee Honeycutt is out in paperback!

We’re still reeling from Jennifer Crusie’s thrilling visit to The Ball last Saturday! Huge congratulations to Thea, who won a signed copy of Crusie’s TELL ME LIES, and to Sure Thing, who won a signed copy of MAYBE THIS TIME.

Deb Dish — What The Spooky Debs Are Doing For Halloween

Deb Elise

Halloween is family night!  We always get together with my husband’s family, go trick or treating with the kids, have wine, chocolate, great conversation… what could be better?

Deb Eleanor

To me, Halloween is all about kids.  As an apartment-dweller, I don’t tend to get trick-or-treaters, but I’m lucky enough to have friends who live in kid-filled neighborhoods who let me come visit so I can ooh and aah over the costumes.  I’ll be manning the candy dish at a friend’s house so they can take their little ones out and I can play the wacky, yet doting, neighbor.  Come on by – I’ll get you all hooked up.

Deb Kim

My younger two children still trick or treat. So we’ll join with a friend whose son also has autism and make the trek from house to house. Last year I put Bella into a wagon and pulled her around. But I dumptrucked her right onto her bottom off the curb. This year I think I’ll let her walk…

Deb Sarah

I’ll be hanging with Spiderman (my 3 year old) and a monkey (my 1 year old), passing out candy to the neighbor kids and sipping spiced apple cider.

Deb Tawna

Deb Tawna just misread what Deb Sarah wrote and thought she said she’d be spending Halloween “passing out.” She was momentarily concerned for the health of the unborn baby.

Deb Tawna would also like to point out that no matter how many times you do it, the barfing jack-o-lantern never stops being funny.

13 Replies to “News Flash: October 31st, 2010”

  1. The cover is gorgeous. Have you see the PumpKIM Kardashian photo? Not family friendly perhaps but very funny. Happy Halloween everyone!

  2. Sarah’s cover is GORGEOUS! I’m now officially the only Deb without a cover. I think I might have to draw my own with stick figures.

    Super excited for Melissa Senate’s visit, btw. Love her books!


  3. Sarah, your cover is wonderful! And Melissa, I’m so excited for you!

    Many thanks to the Debs for mentioning the release of my paperback.

  4. Thank you, Debs, for enabling my good fortune in winning the drawing for TELL ME LIES. First hardback Crusie novel I read, and I was entranced by the wit and dialog and just sparky fun. Never paid attention to authors in those hectic days, but this time I looked for more by the writer and discovered I’d been reading and enjoying her books for years in paperback. I’ve kept up ever since. TELL ME LIES is special to me — and now Debutant Ball and our dear Tawna have found a Constant Reader.

  5. Wow, thank you very much for this! I have been lusting after MTT since it came out.

    I haven’t been blog-reading so I almost missed the announcement. (Thanks to SierraKat for telling me by sending a congratulatory tweet!)

    It’s been a tough few weeks – my life’s been a mournful country and western song – and this has been just what the doctor ordered!

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