News Flash, September 20th

Italian translation rights for Deb Sarah’s The Opposite of Me sold to Piemme in a pre-empt!

Deb Joëlle was a runner-up over on the Guest Blog contest on agent Rachelle Gardner’s blog. Hopefully, next year sometime she’ll get to do a post about her passion – The Need To Read. Stay tuned!

Graduate Deb Kristina‘s REAL LIFE & LIARS just went into second printing!

Deb Sneak Peak!   Here’s What the Debs are READING this week:

*Deb Alicia is reading “THIS LOVELY LIFE” by Vicki Forman, who’ll be a guest blogger on Saturday, October 17th.  If you’d like more info, log on to

*Deb Maria is somehow making time in her crazy schedule to check out “FOOL’S PARADISE” by Steven Gaines.

*Deb Joelle’s deep into the latest Deb Caletti book, THE SECRET LIFE OF PRINCE CHARMING.

*Deb Sarah is reading and loving “AT LEAST IN THE CITY, SOMEONE WOULD HEAR ME SCREAM” by Wade Rouse, whose website is here. And Graduate Deb Kristina is also reading it!

*Deb Emily is reading “The Lost City of Z” by David Grann.