News Flash: September 25, 2011

Congrats to Laura Kay, winner of a copy of Kathleen Grissom’s The Kitchen House!

From the 2012 Debs…

Deb Joanne is heading off to New York City next week to meet with her editor (with her new luggage – pictured here).  She is not at all sure why she is so excited about her luggage, but she is.   Please read on, Erika’s news is really much more exciting than talk about luggage.

Deb Erika was thrilled to read that Little Gale Gumbo got a starred review in Library Journal this week!

Past Deb News

Deb Sarah has teamed up with Matthew Norman, author Domestic Violets, for the Ultra-Violet Co-Ed Reading Challenge! Prize is dinner for two at your local Cheesecake Factory, so head on over and enter to win!

Friends of the Debs

Deb Guest Allie Larkin , author of Stay, announced the great news that her next novel has been bought by Plume! Get all the details here!

Deb Dish — If your book was a mixed drink, what would it be called and what would be in it? (Thanks to Deb Molly for this one!)

Deb Joanne Uh, my book is for tweens, so it would have to be something virgin. Probably just a pop (er…soda) but something a little different than the norm because my Lilah is a real character.  So probably Dr. Pepper.  Yeah, my book`s a Pepper!

Deb Erika My husband and I are homebrewers so we thought it would be great fun to create a Little Gale Ale using two flavors that would represent the two locales of Little Gale Gumbo. We settled on chicory (New Orleans) and maple syrup (Maine). Stay tuned to find out if this batch is a keeper!

Deb Molly There is a LOT of drinking in The Princesses of Iowa, which of course in NO way represents my own teen years. Nope, not at all. And of course, these are Iowan teens, so obviously we’ll have to go with Hawkeye Vodka, probably mixed with something sweet to mask the grossness of the vodka itself. Like Sprite — or Sprite Zero, because a princess never wastes calories. Hawkeye Vodka & Sprite Zero: who’s in?

Deb LindaIn a Fix is totally an “umbrella drink.” You know the kind I mean — something fruity and fun, and served in a coconut, by a cabana boy, while you sit on the beach overlooking the ocean. Beware when you sip it — it’s stronger than it tastes, and may give you *cough* ideas. Might even make you think you’re somebody you’re not. So I guess it would be called an “Imposter.” (Deb Joanne is fanning herself)

Deb Rachel The BFF of course! My drink of choice while friend-dating was white wine, but I think The BFF would have to be something bubbly. Champagne with a dash of… spice? Bubbly with a spicy streak. Sounds gross, but like the perfect best friend.


4 Replies to “News Flash: September 25, 2011”

  1. Sounds like we have enough drinking material for a great party! *grin*

    Fantastic LJ review of LITTLE GALE GUMBO, Erika! Congratulations. I’m not at all surprised. 🙂

    Allie, congrats on selling your next novel. That’s wonderful news. 🙂

    Joanne, have fun in NYC. Here, pack this fan. 😉

  2. Thank you both!

    Joanne, I am so envious of both your luggage and your trip (Okay, maybe SLIGHTLY more envious about the trip, but as a team, it’s a winner. Have a, oh you know, BALL.)

    And congrats to Laura on winning THE KITCHEN HOUSE!

    Now is it too early to try our recipes?

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