News Flash: September 5

From The 2011 Debs…

The Weird Sisters, by Eleanor BrownDeb Eleanor’s ARCs are in, and they’re absolutely gorgeous!  You can read about the process of choosing a cover for The Weird Sisters here, and see pictures of the ARCs here, on her Facebook fan page!

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Past Deb Updates…

Getting Revenge on Lauren WoodOne of the Deb Founders, Eileen Cook, is excited to announce that her book, Getting Revenge on Lauren Wood will be coming out in paperback later this month, on September 21st.  Check it out here!

Friends of the Debs…

Today we want to spread some love to a terrific blog from a wonderful Deb supporter:

The Diving Wand is a must-visit.  Larramie’s goal is to go beyond the book itself, and truly bring together author and reader, because as she says on her blog, “Spending hours reading the author’s tale creates a companionship that lasts well beyond the end of their pages.”  Larramie fosters this companionship with beautifully crafted posts that vibrantly bring each featured author to life.

Deb Dish — What The Debs Are Doing Labor Day Weekend!

Deb Elise

After months of little to no training, I’m running an ill-advised half-marathon!  The good part is that it’s the Disneyland half-marathon, which I’ve run every year since its inception, so I’ll get a super-cool special medal.  The race runs through Disneyland and California Adventure, which is pretty darn cool, but it also runs around the bases of Angel Stadium, which is awesome.  When I post on Monday, I’ll let you know how it went!

Deb Eleanor

In another ill-advised move, I’m spending the weekend by the pool at my favorite fancy hotel, reading and having their amazing staff bring me piña coladas.  J.C. will be at Dragon*Con, so I figured I’d take the opportunity to treat myself.  Why is it ill-advised?  Because the movers are coming on Thursday, and Friday we’ll start a three-day drive with one seriously car-hating cat as we finish the last stages of our move to Colorado.  But, really, I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the labor this move has involved than by spending Labor Day doing no labor at all.

Deb Kim

Unlike a decade ago (Yikes! My baby is almost 10 years old!) I am not getting ready to have a baby this Labor Day.  I’ll spend the first moments of the day (that’s 5:30am here at Chez Stagliano) explaining to Bella that yes it is Monday, but there is no school. That might not go well. Then we’ll have a family day and a cookout: my husband is King of the Grill. I’ll reflect on my own family’s time(s) of unemployment – it’s a focus of my book.  I know the pain of having a family in financial distress.  I’ll pray for the 99’ers for whom the thin safety net of unemployment is ending, and for every American seeking work in these tough times.

Deb Tawna

Sadly, I have no interesting Labor Day plans, except to avoid labor. I will probably go for a hike somewhere in the beautiful, mountainous high desert of Central Oregon. I will probably drink wine. I will not likely do those two things together.

Deb Sarah

I’m late to the party here, but it’s Monday–never too late for an update, right? I just got back from a beautiful weekend at the beach where I had the most amazing barefoot jog of my life and looked over the first-pass pages of my novel! Great weekend all around.

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  1. Thank you 2011 Debs, what a lovely surprise to be noted here. I came to The Ball on the second day of its first season and that’s how my reviews began by presenting Deb Mia King’s Good Things. Now, five years later, my role and site has evolved to include amazingly talented authors, yet the debut author will always hold a special place in my heart….including you!

  2. Kathy – Sadly, I was not in Atlanta with J.C., or I would have SO been there. Maybe next year. Did you go?

    Larramie – Even if you weren’t such a good friend of the Debs, how could we *not* love The Divining Wand? 🙂

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