The Debutantes are dancing like mad this week:

Debutante Review! Publisher’s Weekly says Debutante Mia King’s Good Things (February 9, 2007) has a “plucky protagonist;” a tale of a “domestic diva” who goes “from princess to pauper” with an ending that “will please…!” 

Guest Blog! Debutante Kristy Kiernan has the great honor of being the guest at Murderati, as well as Killer Year, this Friday, Dec. 1, 2006. Drop by and say hello so she’s not dancing alone!

New Stuff! The Debutante Ball is thrilled to offer our first Worldwide Debutante! If you read Swedish, check out Johanna, who blogs from Sweden. We’ve also added a new grog, Drunk Writer Talk and two new blogs: Maureen McGowan and Slightly Savage.

Deb Friends! Friend of the Ball, Gail Konop-Baker, has her second Bare-breasted Mama column up on Literary Mama.