Newsflash: August 12, 2012

From the 2012 Debs…

Deb Joanne has booked an in-person event at the Indigo in Burlington, Ontario on Sunday, August 26th, at 1pm. If you’re in the area, she’d love to see you!

Deb Erika was thrilled to announce this news from Publisher’s Marketplace: Author of Little Gale Gumbo and The Mermaid Collector, Erika Marks’ SHORELINES, about the loves and secrets in a small Cape Cod town, the restoration of an old house, and the friction that has existed for generations between a wealthy “summer” family and a native family, again to Danielle Perez at NAL, in a two-book deal, by Rebecca Gradinger at Fletcher & Company (world).

Deb Linda has been watching the new book trailer for In a Fix more than she probably should, still finding it hard to believe this whole getting-a-book-published thing is really happening. She’s also pleased as can be with the Library Journal starred review, and hopes this means she might someday see her book on the shelf at her local library.

Past Deb News

Great news! Goodreads is giving away 15 copies of Deb Sarah Jio‘s upcoming release, BLACKBERRY WINTER! Click here to enter! Oh, and did you catch the trailer yet? It’s wonderful! See for yourself!

Deb Elise Allen and Deb Sarah Pekkanen, and Deb Guest Jennifer Gooch Hummer, were featured in Working Mother’s piece on Picks from 11 Top Authors! Read what novels inspired them here!

Deb Friends

Deb Guest Beth Hoffman shared the news that her novel SAVING CEECEE HONEYCUTT was awarded Howard County Reads 2012 Favorite Book! Congratulations, Beth! You can read all about it here!

Mark your calenders! Deb Guest Sarah McCoy shared the exciting news that she’ll be chatting live and answering questions about her novel THE BAKER’S DAUGHTER at the Crown Publishing Group’s Facebook Jamboree on Thursday, August 23rd from 7 to 8 pm!

Deb Dish – Since we’re talking bad habits next week, let’s start things off on a positive note: What’s one habit you’ve proudly KICKED?

Deb Joanne – Smoking. I can now officially say I’ve been smoke-free for longer than I smoked. It feels pretty good most of the time, but once in a while…well, if you’ve ever smoked, you probably know what I’m talking about. Knowing that I’d probably end up divorced if I ever took it up again is an excellent motivator (along with that health thing) to stay away from cigarettes.

Deb Erika Don’t laugh. Cable. And how did I manage the feat? Cold turkey, people. We cancelled our cable years ago. But it was tough. I have always been a TV junkie. Now I get my fix the few times a year we stay at hotels.

Deb Linda Kicked? Gosh, um, let’s see … I still drink, eat junk food, and puff on an occasional cigar when I’m feeling especially badass. I’ve never bitten my fingernails or cracked my knuckles excessively, so I can’t claim to have quit those. Wait, I know! I’ve pretty much given up watching reality TV. Does that count?

18 Replies to “Newsflash: August 12, 2012”

  1. Erika! That is amazing news! Congratulations and now I have TWO of your books that I can’t wait to read. And Linda, that trailer is great-love the voice. And a STARRED review-lady, you’re going to be in plenty of libraries!

    Congrats to Past Debs and Deb friends on your great news as well. Busy day here, today.

    1. Thank you so much, Joanne! I am very grateful–and hope to continue to do you Debs proud 🙂 And congrats to YOU on the in-store event coming up–that is awesome–we wish we were closer!!!

      I know–what a busy week of news, huh? Love it!

  2. Congrats all around! Our past Debs rock. 🙂

    Joanne, you are all over the place these days, lady! I’m not sure how you keep up with yourself. *grin* And good on you for cutting the cigarettes!

    Erika, that is such great news! Can’t wait to add another Marks to my shelf! 🙂 And, wow, cold turkey on the cable? Scary!

      1. Great Video and Great Furniture. I have a white oak that is down and about 44 wide. Your video has my mind going in all directions. Now I have just got to find soemone with a huge saw and mill set up. You have some Awesome designs!!!!

      1. The detail that David Marks puts in his work is silpmy astonishing! Not only does he make beautiful pieces of furniture and other art pieces but he also has the ability to talk about it in a way that clearly conveys the essence of the piece. He can also succinctly talk about the process he went through to make it making him a fantastic teacher too! These YouTube videos also are very well made. Hopefully well see more of these soon!

    1. Wooo! Congrats on losing a size girl! Best retslus ever. I think I told you this, but the scale hasn’t moved for me in over a year but I still take measurements and its my personal favorite way to track progress. I’m seriously considering getting on the NROLFW bandwagon. I hate lifting but I know its so good for you.

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  5. Hurray on so many levels!! I’m so glad you’re liknig DP and your program. We need to go hiking again soon! Glad about the jeans- I just knew it would happen. And why don’t we just do a little fat-transfer- I can have some of your boobage, ok?

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