Newsflash: August 18, 2013

From the 2013 Debs…

Deb Kerry: Will be participating in an event for local authors at the Tri-Cities Barnes and Noble on Saturday August 24, from noon to 2 pm.

Deb Susan was interviewed this morning on Austin’s KAZI FM 88.7 with Hopeton Hay. She had a fantastic time!

Past Deb News

 Advance congratulations to Deb Linda Grimes on this week’s release of her second Ciel Halligan aura adaptor novel, QUICK FIX~!


Meet the New Debs!

Curious to learn more about the incoming Class of 2014? You can find them at their websites and on Twitter:

Deb Lisa Alber:, Twitter: @lisa_alber

Deb Susan Gloss:, Twitter: @susangloss

Deb Lori Rader Day:, Twitter: @LoriRaderDay

Deb Natalia Sylvester: Twitter: @NataliaSylv

Deb Heather Webb:  Twitter: @MsHeatherWebb


Deb Dish – What fictitious character would you like to have as a real-life friend?

Deb Amy: Hannah Sugarman. I’m not much for the intrepid danger of an unground supper club, but I should would like to be the beneficiary of her cooking!

Deb Kerry: Jo March. Some things never change.

Deb Susan: Black Beauty, if I could still understand his thoughts when it happened. If the character has to be human? Hermione Granger. I can always use more magic in my life.


Your Turn!! Which character from fiction would you like to meet “for reals”?

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